The little things

I am missing out on the joys of life because I don’t take the time to see them.
I am pretty good at enjoying the wonders of nature,
but not so good at noticing other little things.

little things

On Sunday evening we gathered for evening family prayer and we discussed what we had learned at church that day. I was floored by Abigail’s response. She said,
“I learned that within me there is a little light. My light can combine with others’ little lights and we can light up the whole world.”
Wow. Thank you to good teachers at church. Someone had a profound effect on Abigail Sunday.

It’s little things like this that I don’t take time to
1-talk about
2-completely process.


This is a photo from a few weeks ago while Sophia participated in the local yearly
“Hope of America” production. Her little light is in there somewhere.

This past weekend we had the most beautiful full moon I’ve ever seen.

This photo doesn’t do it justice but the moon was ginormous, and while riding in the car as a family as we ascended the hill toward our house, I was almost in tears. At the bottom of the hill I pointed out to the family how cool it was that you couldn’t see the moon at all, but you could see its light peeking out around the mountain. By the time we got to the top of the hill, the moon was revealed.

I wished I was on top of the mountain so I could reach out and touch it. As I stopped and voiced my awe my family voiced their frustrations with me that I get overly excited about stuff like that. Someday they will honor that quality in me at my funeral.

Talk about light. This world is so beautiful.


Another thing that annoys my family,
I love this flag.
I photograph it about every time I am stopped at the light.
It has a different kind of beauty every time I see it nestled in with the mountains.


I love how the view of the same mountain can be seen millions of ways.


Traditions are connecting.
I can’t go to a baseball game without sunflower seeds.


When I run I look for treasure.
I always find at least one penny and it makes me feel lucky.


Relationships are one of life’s greatest joys.
I need to take more time to enjoy them.
Five of my six siblings got together for brunch Saturday
(without kids to distract from good conversation.)
It was a highlight of  my week to sit and laugh with them all.


A dear friend brought me a favorite dessert last night and we sat and chatted for about an hour.
It felt so good to listen and understand her more and to talk and know that I am really heard.


I don’t take enough time to enjoy the fruits of others’ labors.


I know for a fact that I don’t enjoy this girls’ shenanigans enough.
Someday she will be grown up and I won’t have the opportunity to laugh at her innocence, silliness, or naughtiness.


Sentimental things make me truly happy.
When we got #64 at Carl’s Junior a few weeks back,
I was transported back to Elm Street in 1990.
My friends frequented the place often,
and once in a while you’d be lucky enough to get a lucky number with sentimental value
like your brother’s football number.


Lastly, while running errands LG and I
took 5 minutes to step into the pet store
just because we could.
These puppies were SO cute.


There is so much to enjoy in this life
that doesn’t cost a dime.
I am making it a goal to see it.
All of it.