Baby, You’re A Firebolt

If you love Harry Potter and funny videos.
This is a must see by BYU divine comedy.

It’s not quite as good as Harry and the Deathly Hollows Part II,
but it may give you just as many laughs.
Last night LG and I went to 
Gracious Rain’s Premiere Party.
I was the evil witch and
he was the boring guy 
who didn’t want to dress up.
“Baby, you’re still a firebolt,”
for indulging my lunacy last night.
As I finished getting dressed,
Caroline would have nothing to do with me
and LG turned to Sophia
and said,
“Oh man, 
I am going to be so embarrassed.”
Love you too babe.
Later he tried to make up for it
by tweeting that I was the hottest witch in the room,
but it didn’t quite do it for me.
Because I literally was the hottest witch in the room.
I was wearing 4 layers.

Now for my review.
I know you’ve all been busting at the seems for it.

(If you’ve been living in a Hogwarts History book
and don’t know who is going to die in the movie,
you may want to read this
after your viewing)

First of all,
when Fred dies,
a piece of this funny girl died too.

Oh, you didn’t know that Fred died.
So sorry.
You have no right to watch the movies
if you haven’t read the book.
A part of this girl died
when Fred died in the book,
and when he died in the movie,
I just had a short revisit
to the moment I read about
this terrible misfortune
years ago
and sat up and cried all night.

Then when they show Remus and Tonks dead,
all I could think to myself was
shouldn’t Tonks hair be a brighter color
so that all the fools that didn’t read the books
would know that was her?

Then when Harry died,
I was like
“Is he really dead?”
No I wasn’t
because I read the book
I knew he wasn’t really dead,
but I still cried.

And then when Harry finally
defeated that horrible Voldermort
why was I the only one in the theatre
who cheered?
My husband even shooshed me.
C’mon people.
Ding Dong the dude is dead.

I didn’t cry when Voldemort died.
In the book or the movie.
Good riddance.
The only regret I had
was that the poor monster
never knew love.
But, isn’t that what JK Rowling
was trying to tell us all along?

19 years later:
life went on,
in a profound way:
Harry had
a fatherly chat
with his nervous son,
Albus Severus Potter.
(The name was a trend on twitter
all night long)
“Son, the sorting hat,
takes your vote into account.”
Harry should know all about that.

At this point,
I had an epiphany:
love is life.
life is love.
Why not love life?
Even if it’s just the ordinary?

Or even if it’s magical
and fictional
it’s still worthy of our deep devotion,
isn’t it?

I think they made Ginny a little pudgier
which made me happy
because she’s a mom
and she’s still beautiful
with a few extra pounds.
And I am sorry to the actress who played Ginny
if they didn’t really make you
look chubbier
but I just thought that they did.
Ron was chubbier too.
It’s in the Weasley genes.
the Potter and Granger genes
are skinny to the end.

You know,
I dressed up like Bellatrix
to show outwardly
the love I have inwardly
for the magic we call Potter.

And people may have disagreed
with my choice of the dark side,
but without the dark side,
there would have been
no story in the first place.
Another good
and true
life lesson.

Favorite parts of the movie:
(Here are the spoilers
in no particular order)

Getting out of Gringots on the dragon.
Ron and Hermione kiss. (finally)
Ginny saying “I know” to Harry.
Professor McGonagall saying
“I always wanted to use that spell.”
Dumbledore talking about
not pitying the dead.
Harry viewing Snape’s memories
and finally understanding Snape’s actions.
Snape saying
“You have your mother’s eyes.”
Harry when he comes back to life
and jumps out of Hagrid’s arms.
Everything about Neville.
From when he brings Harry into the castle,
to slaying Nagini,
and sitting by Luna awkwardly at the end.
Mrs. Weasley hollaring at Bellatrix and defeating her.
When Hermione calls Ron brilliant
and kind of shakes her head in surprise.
Professor McGonagall giving
the boys permission to blow up the bridge
and them being uncertain about whether or not
she is serious.
Harry conversing with his momma.

And, just thinking about all this stuff
is making me cry again.
All I can do is
scream out:
Why did she have to kill Fred?

What was your favorite part of the movie
or the book?

And please spare me your
whining about what was different
between the two
because I really don’t pay that much attention.



  1. Oh Alice , I love you. I loved all the parts you loved, but how could you just gloss over Snape's memories? I have tears in my eyes as I think about the scene where he holds Lily's dead body, sobbing and rocking. What a selfless love he has for her… I loved all the books and all the movies. I feel kind of silly feeling sad about a story being over, knowing it's all over – like mourning… I guess you probably know what I mean. 🙂

  2. Love the photo and you being the “hottest” line. Only on book 3 with my daughter and have only seen some of the movies. So hopefully, I will forget all you told me about the movie by the time we get around to watching it. -Jennifer

  3. I skimmed your movie review… because I haven't read the book and I have not seen the movie yet… Shame on me! Anyhoo… I loved your witch look… I am sure LG has recovered from his embarrassment by now.

    I like your Ginny comment… I am way past pudgy and I am sure you like me with even more extra pounds.


  4. I think you looked amazing last night. I like Bellatrix. She is my favorite bad guy. I loved the books and the movies. I am sad that they are over because we all grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The one thing I didn't like was that Fred's death was just passed over. No one talked about how it happened and that bothered me. I am a Snape girl through and through. I was so sad and angry that he died. It still upsets me to talk about it.

  5. The parts I didn't like first, then the one I did.

    1. The 19 years later was AWFUL. They didn't look any older and it was totally useless. I didn't like it in the book either.

    2. No on was around for the final battle between Harry and Voldy. Where's the cheering? Where's the anger that Voldy sees his general go down?

    3. Kings Cross Station and not even explaining why Harry was still tethered to life. I felt like we needed that explanation.

    I think that's it.

    1. Ralph Fiennes. He is the man. They could not have picked anyone better. The cold pure evil that runs though his veins. The merciless killing of even his devout followers. Awesome!

    2. Him getting weaker as the horcuxes are destroyed. I actually can't decide if I like it or not.

    3. How Harry could feel where they were. I liked that a lot. It just makes sense.

    4. Them showing Hogwarts in a Nazi style.

    5. This was my favorite part. Harry stepping forward during the assembly. It gave me chills.

    I liked the movie a lot, even the changes they made. I felt most of the changes added so much more to the movie. I despise it when people tell me I will understand it if I read the book. That's dumb and this movie I felt made sense to the non-readers. Most of the time I don't want to read the book, that's why I watch the movie.

  6. I agree with julieb! (Hey, I'm a poet and nobody told me ;)) Snape's montage was what sealed it for me. Sure, I read the books, so sure, I knew what was coming … But to have so MUCH of that shown, let alone that perfectly choreographed shot with Snape rocking the dead body of his love, with baby Harry crying in the back? Geez …

    I've actually already seen HP 7.2 twice in 24 hours, both for free (I love free) 😀 … I went with my daughter tonight who has not read the books yet (I know, not sure whose child she is!) … She asked me about the movie beforehand and I told her Harry died. She second thoughted that and asked again, and I swore to her Harry DID die! Then she said, “But then who kills Voldemort???” TOTALLY reminded me of Princess Bride … “Who gets Humperdinck? Was it Inigo, who?”

    I love being a mom. Torture and confusion are mandatory inflictions on any children 😉

  7. My other favorite part was what I did. SPOILERS

    When Harry dies, I stood up and started to leave and my buddy that was with me looked so confused. The people behind us started to laugh pretty hard though.

  8. Hey, stopping by from For The Love Of Blogs! I love, love, love Harry Potter. In fact, the book and movie series' are how I met my wife eight years ago! 😀

    We're going to see the movie on Wednesday, as a mix birthday treat for my mother-in-law (born July 17th) and myself (July 28th.) I'm so excited!!!

    My favorite character is Bellatrix Lestrange followed by Luna Lovegood!!!

  9. Thanks for posting that video, I favorited it on youtube, so many people can relate to that. It makes me so sad that there are no midnight book releases or movie premieres left but I'm sure I will keep myself busy never forgetting Harry potter.

  10. Going to see it this week. I spent the entire day having my own private Harry Potter Movie-thon and I cried like a baby when Serious Black died. My dog came running into the room to see what I was blubbering about. I can't wait to see the interpretation of the last movie. I have thorough appreciation for you dressing up like Belatrix what a great job she did an amazing character so evil and beautiful!

  11. I'm just about dying right now. Not to mention that she has a great voice and this is really well produced, it is HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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