Tennessee Travel

This truck was in front of me on the Interstate the other day.
It was enough to send this mother of three into total anxiety mode.
Where is this boy’s mother?
Does she know that this boy was riding in a
vehicle that was going about 65 miles an hour?
Don’t you think he could have at least sat down in the truck bed?
This blogger with a magnet that says “Beware, blogger known to photgraph while driving” was very happy that she wasn’t driving.
It was so much easier to take a picture from the back seat.
And, I know you guys didn’t miss the duct tape holding on the license plate.


  1. Thats what you call redneck. The duct tape on the license plate. Total redneck. They boy on the back makes me nervous too. It’s legal round here,as long as they are sitting in the bed and not on the edge, though, I don’t know about tennessee.

  2. Nothing like K-town.I have to come visit one day… for sure. I must admit that they would fit right in here. I don’t want to be stereotypical… but Jeff Foxworthy might say something about this like… ‘you might be a redneck’ (I guess rednecks are masters of the use of ductape).Do you know in the state of Nevada there is a law that states your dog must be secured when riding in the back of a pick-up truck… but there are no laws on record about children riding in the back of a pick-up that I am aware of.ToOdLeS.

  3. Oh my goodness. That is not good. When I was a child, a boy, who was doing the same thing fell out of the bed of the truck and was killed. Oh, and where were the cops. Aren’t there seatbelt laws or something?

  4. First off — the duct tape is hilarious! But the boy in the back would have sent me into complete panic mode had I seen him. How dumb is that? Anything could happen! That is just plain scary!

  5. Oh Gosh! When I first moved to Tennesse from New England…I just about had a cow when I saw a pick up truck filled with kids sitting in lawn chairs in the bed of the truck, just wizzing down the highway. I have witnessed police officers at red lights sitting right behind trucks with kids in the back..and never pulling them over. I would love to be a traffic cop for just one week here. How could this ever be legal when we have a seatbelt law?? Another thing while I were on the topic of traffic laws…how is it that someone in Tennessee is arrested for DUI for the 8th time??? Dannnng!

  6. Now there’s a use for duct tape I’ve never seen before- which is saying a lot since I’m married to the DT King!I think it’s bad enough when I see kids in trucks going 25 MPH- but the freeway is a whole new level of stupidity-

  7. That great, but my photo while driving with the tape holding the whole van together is better,, wait, you missed it. go take a look –slacker….

  8. Another offensive post about Tennessee and the South. Why do you even live there when you make fun of it consistently? I’ve seen more people riding in the back of trucks in CA. Puhleeze quit stereotyping the south.

  9. anonymous, gimmie a break! What is offensive about it? I think its hilarious! Duct taped license plate? Come on even YOU have to admit thats redneck. Whats offensive is that guy’s butt hanging off that truck. No one want’s to drive around and see some random booty in their face. I think its funny.

  10. This was my family car growing up. . .Mom and Dad up front and us kids on the back. My poor kids will never feel the joy of the wind blowing threw their hair on the back of a truck. The funny thing is, that my mom would be worried I would get an ear infection, cuz of all the wind blowing at my ears; is that really the thing to be worried about??!!

  11. This is even more unbelievably stupid when you consider that just last month, a teenager fell out of a pick up and DIED in K-town. And in that case, the pick up was traveling slowly, in a parking lot. DUH!

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