DIY Dining Room Frames

Remember the post
where I told you about
my thrift store picture frames?

Well, here are the photos of the finished product.
Just for my mother-in-law.
She won’t be visiting any time soon
to see it for herself.

My father-in-law
will be serving in the
Columbia, South Carolina
LDS temple presidency
and my mother-in-law will be
assisting the temple matron
for the next three years.

We are so excited for them
in their new calling.

I think I need to redo this one 
so that the lettering is darker and easier to read.

Your love is better than ice-cream.
And African safari animals.

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  1. Ah. I think I need some copies of those pictures. I have new walls to cover up. (Well, hopefully I wlll have some new walls soon.)

  2. I love your project!!! Nicely done! Love the RED.

    Also I got your package… thank you very much. It came two days ago… and I have been busy with company and didn't want to forget to tell you. Thanks again!!!


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