Underpaid Profession

I would NEVER want to be a teacher for various reasons that I don’t have to go into right now..I must sleep.

I honor and love teacher and am so grateful for them, but they are so under appreciated by society as a whole it is pathetic…it looks as if students are treating their teachers at an all new level of low.

The world just isn’t the same…what happened to kids being kids? When I was in High School it was considered way CRAZY just to spit in the teacher’s coffee when she wasn’t looking.



  1. Wow! That is so scary. (And as the mother of a daughter who is graduating in a couple of weeks with a degree in early childhood education, it is very disturbing) Like you I have nothing but respect for teachers.

  2. I saw this story yesterday and was just shocked. Although I guess nothing should shock us nowadays.It’s so sad. I have often wished I would have become a teacher, but then you hear these stories and think otherwise. I admire and respect teachers too and have never understood why they are so underpaid and underappreciated!

  3. Those kids seriously need to be duct taped in their chair for everyone’s safety. Apparently I am not reading in order of posting. The day and age of fearing to tell kids no. What are we coming to?

  4. I know! Crazy! I heard about it at lunch in the teacher break room. What a great story to hear at school. Teachers are totally underpaid. What was I thinking? Insurance for the family is $1,100 a month. Beginning teachers in Florida make $32,000 (in my county). Let’s do some math. $1,100 x 12 = $13,200. $32,000- 13,200 = $18,800. They’re really looking out for us teachers in my county aren’t they!?

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