20 years later

Remember last week’s post about High School.
Well, I just wanted to fill you in on the after high school.
I know you just can’t wait.

This is Adam.
Remember he was my first date.
Yeah, I am pretty much the luckiest girl alive.
Adam is still one of the coolest guys.
And his wife and kids are gorgeous.
He’s aged well,
and still seems to have great taste.

This is Dawn.
She is one of my most favorite
funny people
on the planet.

Me, Jen, and Brandi.
They were my gal pals in the Del Mar Photo booth photos.
And many of the others.

Funny story about Brandi.
In first grade, after school, I walked with her to her house a few doors down from our school.
When I got back to school, all the school buses were gone.
I walked home 2 miles. 
Yeah, I was just five years old.
Nobody even noticed that it had taken me two hours longer than usual to get home.
I was happy to not get in trouble,
but also kind of sad that nobody loved me.
There are definitely pros and cons to living in a large family.

Here is our group from Junior Prom.
Sorry, I failed to provide the before photo.
You’ll just have to trust me
when I tell you that we still look just as good.

I didn’t include a photo of Mike in the aforementioned post.
I may have to give him a post of his own someday,
after all, he was my first kiss.
Guess where it happened?
In the hall, at the Mormon church across from the High School.
He saw me and came out from freshman basketball practice
to get a drink from the water fountain.
I walked home in a daze.

Don’t worry LG,
he was just preparing me for you.
You know your lips are the only ones I want.
Nica had way too much to drink.
When she cuddled up to my man, I told her where to go.
Not only because it was totally inappropriate,
but because she scared the bijeezers out of him.
Why is that so funny to me?
I wish I would have gotten a photo of LG’s face.

Eric Stitt lived two doors up.
I would have never guessed in a million years
that he would turn into this amazing comedic actor.
All he seemed to care about back in the day
was his skateboard.
Laryssa was a great friend.
She was my campaign manager
and helped me win that election for Sophomore class president.
I guess I am indebted to her forever
for feeding my need for attention.
Thank you Laryssa for befriending my anti-social hubby.
I guess you have always been good with the men that I love.
(She used to date my brother)

Last but very well not least.
Fred. I included this blurry photo
because I couldn’t leave Fred out.
He was my best entertainment.
I can’t even imagine what the party
would have been like if Todd had joined us from Hawaii.
We would have definitely needed to find a photo booth
and lured some unsuspecting people in for a smell
of the reunited Team Flatulence.
And just like in high school,
I would have ran the other direction

while laughing hysterically.

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One comment

  1. Okay, so I usually don't post comments that have nothing to do with anything, but I must this time. I have just finished reading your blog, and by “reading your blog” I mean from 2005 to now. Obviously not all in one day, but over the course of a month and a half or so…. I mean, I get busy sometimes. I am so glad that I kind of almost met you here in Knoxville, and glad that I found your blog. I have laughed with you and cried with you and watched your girls grow. It has be special to me although, it could never be as special to me as it is you. I figured if I was going to follow your blog and read all future posts, I needed to know some background. I'm glad that your girls got the chance to know life at Adrian Burnett, and I am glad that I got the chance to see you strolling sweet Caroline around the halls, for if those chances had never come I would have never known about your blog!

    I love reading all your stories, and you don't always have to be funny for me to enjoy the read. I know that although we would love for it to be, life isn't always fun but in those times I'm glad that you know as do I that the Lord is always there. It has been my pleasure to read all you've had to offer and I can't wait to keep reading and watching all your sweet girls grow all the way out there in Utah. I wish you guys hadn't had to leave, because despite a few years between us, I believe that we could have been wonderful friends. And maybe through our blogs we still can! Thanks for being awesome, and sorry I am commenting something totally irrelevant to your post!

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