Thriftstore Fashion

I totally don’t get it.
There are women out there
who have dedicated whole blogs
to their clothes.
It’s so very strange to me.

I thought I should try it,
to see if I could catch the bug.

I first give you
two views.
You always have to pose
in every possible position
you know.

Read more for the backside view.

The backside.

This is what I look like with 
the things that matter most.
And it ain’t the clothes.
Just in case you were wondering.

I sure do love my beautiful Bella.
She is my best accessory.
And baptized.

Guess what?
I paid $3 at Savers thriftstore
for this fabulousness.

The outfit is $3,
not the daughter,
just in case you were confused.

And if you add the 10 months
of pregnancy
and 10 hours of labor,
and 8 years of mothering
to the complete
I think I am coming out
pretty much ahead of
all the other ladies.

Check out I’m a thriftaholic.
I do actually like looking
at what people can put together for
cheap or free.

But we all know my outfit
wasn’t cheap.
Having and raising babies
costs more than all of our clothes combined.

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  1. Looking at your photos I faintly remember the time when I could wear high heels.

    Kudos to you for finding a great thrift store purchase. Some people have a natural talent for this that I don't have.


  2. Yeah, what is it with those people who just post pics of themselves wearing outfits and try and act like they don't know the camera is on them? You can totally tell that they think they look good and that's why they post the pics. Anyhoo, that totally drives me nuts. It's just so vain. And I, too, love Savers, although I'm usually lurking around the dishes to find old correlle patterns that remind me of my Mom. And furniture. I like to refinish furniture. Love the suit and for only $3, what more could you ask for?

  3. Ha ha! You're so funny for calling people out! My favorites are people who pose and constantly change profile pics of themselves on facebook. I love thrift store shopping! But since I don't want to take photos of myself I won't show you any of my latest finds. I had an awesome dress from Savers I wore for years. And I have bought 4 awesome pairs of shoes at the new KARM thrift store (all purchased in 2 weeks time)! -Jennifer

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