Potter Gold

Have I ever told you about the time
that I told LG that I thought Potter
would be a really cool first name for a boy?
I like surnames for boys.

LG looked at me
and said,

“Yeah, seriously.”

“Alice. Think harder.”

Me: “What?”


“Yeah Potter.
Isn’t it cute?”

“Hmm. Potter.”
(giving me more time to think)
“Potter Gold.”
(said with his best British accent)

“Oh no!
Well, maybe someone else can use it.”

One, it just can’t go with Gold.
Two, everyone knows
we will never get a boy.

Here are some more photos of our
farewell to Potter.

Me and my main man.
Before the party.

Me as Bellatrix.
I love how this photo turned out.
Don’t mine the cleavage please.
Don’t mess with me.

This is Launi.
It was her party that we attended
for our final Potter premiere.

LG at the party.

I so wanted to use the real word on his shirt.
Maybe if we were still in TN.
I decided to censor
Mrs. Weasley’s
B word.
Making me a better mother.

Here is Mad Eye Moody
as a boy.

Harry Potter comes to the 21st
century as a middle aged boxer.

All the prizes.

The sorting hat.

Hagrid and Mrs. Trelawney.
I never knew they were married.
Doesn’t LG look so excited
about our big date night.
Thanks for being a good sport honey.
I wish LG could have figured out a way to
smuggle home Dobby.

Yummy couldron cakes
from Sweet Tooth Fairy.

Here is Lyndi Lou.
Launi is her mom.
I’m her visiting teacher.
I love this man.
I think that
Gryffindor’s beanie works for him.

Not quite the same.
But close enough.

Caroline sports Tom Riddle’s diary
for the matinee the next day.

Abigail pretending she is about
to get on the Hogwart’s Express.

Bella is as close as we are going to get
to having a real Potter Gold.
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