The Abbey Road Show

We had the great privilege of witnessing
the Abbey Road Show
in Provo
last Friday, July 1st.
Local Provo artists
covered the songs from 
The Beatles’ 
And they were
I think it was on my facebook
on our way home from the concert
that I said that they were better than
the original.
And I meant it.
You know how we are
I would never say that 
The Provosts 
were better than the original
Ryan Innes was my favorite.
Go and check him out.
It was the most amazing concert
I’ve ever attended.
And if the whole concert wasn’t good enough,
guess how it ended?
Me snuggled up to LG
watching 3 of our 4 kids
rock out
to our favorite
Hey Jude.
The song was awesome.
And then as if God was
putting his own stamp of approval
on the experience
(as it was an experience,
not just a concert)
fireworks started going off all around us.
I won’t lie.
I teared up.
Quite possibly,
this concert made my
Top 10 
And guess what?

At the beginning of the concert,
before very many people had arrived.
I walked right past 
that CJane
and I didn’t even say Hi.
Because she is too good for me.
And I am not giving her the time of day.
And I didn’t want to 
sound desperate like the other girl
who was saying,
“I know you don’t know me,
but I have a blog,
and I follow yours religiously.”
CJane’s response:
“Oh, don’t we all know each other?”
Oh really then?
Why don’t you return my e-mails,
if you know me?
Huh? Huh?
Not all bloggers are created equal.
And LG says my best revenge
will be to get a greater 
Which I will do.
And when her 5 minutes of fame are over
and mine are happening,
I will show her how to be nice,
and I will return her e-mail.
Oh yeah,
back to the
most amazing concert.
I will give it to CJane
about her rooftop series.
Best concert of all time.
Even if I am pretty sure that the
people who set up for the concert,
set up chairs and blankets in
any good viewing spot of the stage
early in the day
I won’t hold a grudge.
As we could hear the music, 
and that is all that matters really.
We were maybe number 50-55 to arrive
and there was not a single place to
lay out our blankets  
where we could actually see the stage. 
boo hiss!

But really – 
Paper lanterns.
The NuSkin towers’ reflection
of the mountains.
Hoards of music lovers.
The Beatles.
Amazing musicians.
Perfect weather.
dancing together
What else could a girl
ever ask for?
Not much.
Except a returned e-mail.
Or five?
Enjoy the photos.
And if you have never listened
to Judicial LG’s version
of Hey Jude.
You must head over now.
So bad
and hilarious.
(You can forgo CJane’s write-up and just go here for the video of the Hey Jude experience)

Artist Cherie Call.
She was 
the opening act.

There she is.
It’s the best picture I could get with my little camera.
Like I said,
even though we arrived plenty early,
the only spots left
were in the back.
Waaaaay back.

The kids loved the street vendors.
Caroline wanted a doll really bad.
Caroline can’t wait for the music to start.

She’s got her dance on.

Oh, and do you remember the people watching we did last time?
And I told you that LG and I have a hard time understanding up to date fashion?
Check out this guy’s butt.
I have no idea why he thinks that skinny jeans can be worn like a gangster.
We got shot after shot of his underwear throughout the night.
I wonder if he would even care
if he knew we were checking him out.

Glad we had something to make us laugh
while we were waiting for the music to start.



  1. The Provo music scene was always very good! I sold t-shirts for No Doubt in the Provo Armory when only a small group of people had heard of Gwen Stefani .

    CJane is probably big because she has that awesome sister Stephanie Nielson!

  2. Your family is so dang cute. I think your blog is better than CJane's. Not too be mean, but hers is getting a little dry and boring lately. I mean, bless her heart. (I had to throw that one in so you would miss us in TN.) 🙂

  3. I kinda wish I was there to be at all of these outdoorsie… top of the building concerts… looks like tons of fun…

    but not as much as hearing Hey Jude by LG. *Ü*


  4. Sounds like a perfect evening ~ and every time I read your blog now I feel more and more compelled to move to Utah. Gosh it's gorgeous!

    All of your girls are so beautiful — I can't believe how long Sophia's hair has gotten and Caroline looks so feisty in your photos! 🙂

    Miss you all!

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