School of Hard Knocks

I am not totally sure my husband is going to be o.k. with this post.
Which means, you should definitely keep reading.

As many of you know, LG’s law practice was a huge trial of our faith.
LG was able to help a lot of people and do some amazing things,
but it never paid out like it needed to.
In fact, The State of Tennessee was so bad about paying
their court appointments, that many times we waited over 6 months
for LG to be paid for his work.
That is 6 months, after he submitted his claims.
When you do juvenile work,
your cases can drag on and on and on.
So he would work on a case for years sometimes
before he could even submit his claim for payment.
And then after he submitted,
we would wait and wait and wait.
I e-mailed the governor about this travesty twice.

It just seemed wrong that the State never had any trouble
paying out their welfare, food-stamps, and Medicaid,
but when you were a hard working attorney
living with no health insurance or food stamps or welfare,
and had four kids to feed,
the State would turn their back on you.
Must be a bunch of Democrats.
Maybe that isn’t fair to say,
but I feel like saying it.
Government is flawed people.
Even if you are a Republican.
Government will never run as
efficiently as the private sector.

But really,
it is just wrong.
My husband busted his tail every day,
lived with humongous amounts of stress,
taking care of hundreds of clients
who had more than he did.
Because even though they were on drugs,
and beating their spouses,
and abusing their kids,
and didn’t work,
they lived off the very same government
that refused to pay out the dues that my husband had rightfully earned.

Anyhow, looking back there are a lot of things we would have done differently,
but what is the use in looking back?
Ultimately, we know we prayed and got revelation in our lives
for what we should have done, and we did the best we could.
God’s will is important to us.
Even if it isn’t important to you.

So, LG was forced to close his practice.
We had no income for months.
Guess what?
Our credit got screwed.
Much like a lot of other Americans out there,
we are pretty much starting over.

Which is another trial of our faith.
On a daily basis.
But I am grateful every day that LG’s employer

offered him his current position.
It’s a great job
with a quarter of the stress.
And it comes with
health benefits, a consistent paycheck,
and people who appreciate my husband
on a daily basis.
So life is getting better every day.

But, there is always the flipside to the coin.
Yesterday, I heard back about that second interview.
You are going to cry for me
when you hear what I was told.

I basically had the job,
but was denied for one reason,
and one reason alone.
My credit check.

Doesn’t that seem like a Catch 22?
I decide to get a job,
to help my hubby dig us out of the hole,
and a company that I have already given
much reliable service to
decides that I am not reliable enough
for an entry level position
(a lower position than I used to hold)
because of my screwed up credit.

The craziest part, is my credit is not
screwed up because of anything that I personally did.
Unless you want to count the fact
that I did my best to support my husband
in doing what God told him to do.
I’ve been a stay at home mom
for heaven sakes.
Didn’t you read that on my resume?

For eight years,
we scraped by on nothing
while raising kids,
seeking education,
giving church service,
and community service,
and running a law practice that helped the less fortunate.
And it all came crashing down.
Right on top of us.

So, what do I have to say?
Your loss NuSkin.
I still love you,
but I think you are very narrow minded.

And last night
I cried a little bit
while telling friends that
I just have to continue to put my trust in God.
Because I know He will consecrate
all my heartaches for my good,
if I let Him.
And He will sanctify me
in my trials.
And He has to have something better out there.

Even if it was just that
I could cry with friends,
buy and eat a $4 piece of chocolate cheescake
without an ounce of guilt,
and watch Glee re-runs all night.

It was amazing.
I gave myself permission
to be bummed
for just one day.
And I woke up this morning
feeling totally cool with it.

I don’t know why I am willing
to air my dirty laundry like this
out there for the whole world to see,
but I think it’s because
posts like these
are usually the ones that resonate with
my readers the most.

And if every company out there
won’t hire me because our credit
got screwed during months of
I might as well be as honest as I can on my blog
because it may be my only chance at making  a little money.

And if I tell you that I have hope
because of Jesus Christ,
it may give someone else out there
a little hope too.

Screw you Corporate America.
Screw you Government America.
Watch me make money
with Google AdSense.
It’s the wave of the future.

I am not going to tell you
to click on an ad
because I signed a contract that I wouldn’t
and after this post
it would just be pathetic.

I am going to apply for a job
with every single one
of NuSkin’s competitors.
And I am even thinking about sending
this link along to the founder
Blake Roney.

Just because
I am a fighter.

How the heck do you think I am still surviving?

Now – the soundtrack plays in your mind –
It’s a hard enough life for us.
It’s a hard enough life for us.
No one cares for you a smidge,
when you’re in an _____________.

Feel free to fill in the blank.



  1. Hang in there. There are only a few sure things in life…the love of God, and the love of your family are the most important. All I can say is that NuSkin has a stupid policy, and in the meantime, you do have a wonderful job as a wife and mama.

  2. I am so sorry! That just totally sucks! I wish I could say things will get better but I don't know that for sure. All I know that is with all the trials you have now, you will be watched and loved by your friends and neighbors. Love ya friend!

  3. I will agree with most of what you said… holy cow. Denied a job because of your messed up credit??? Wow! I like that you gave yourself a pity party and that you are out to beat the odds and try again.



  4. We were just talking about this yesterday. People who have a lot of debt but make payments= great credit score, yet people who pay cash and have no debt= bad credit score. Who wins? Debt does and you know, that's backwards! You're so right, this is messed up.

    I'm so sorry, but I'm sure something will work out. It always does in the end. There's something better waiting for you Alice!

  5. Unfortunately, many companies… including my employer… require minimum credit scores for employment. In my case, I work for a financial institution that requires all employees can be bonded. Essentially, that means we are insured against theft by employees. The theory goes that if you have a higher credit score, you are less likely to steal from the company.

    Crazy, I know because believe me there are plenty of dishonest people with high credit scores and likewise, many honest people with low credit scores.

    But that it just one of several litmus tests for employment with financial institutions. I've also heard that home and auto insurance agencies look at credit scores in determining premiums.

    I'm not sure why NuSkin would have a minimum credit score requirement, unless it was with a specific position like accounting or some other area where you might be dealing with large sums of money.

    Regardless, I know that you are an honest person so it shouldn't matter. But unfortunately, in this era of mass fraud and forgery, it's just something we all have to deal with.

    Best of luck Alice…I know that in due time good things happen to good people!

  6. I am so glad that you moved into our ward and our neighborhood. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles and NuSkin not hiring you. If you were in Salt Lake, the temporary job market is not bad. In Utah County, it is a lot tougher. I've got my own trials. I know that somehow we can make it through.

  7. Maybe this is what the lord wants for you. Maybe he feels your better off being home with your kids. If you did it all those years in Tennessee I'll bet you can continue to manage right where you are.

    I had no choice to go to work when I divorced. I was home the first 3 years and then bam….sorry babe found someone new to bad for you!

    Good luck on whatever is meant to be!!!!! Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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