Radio Turn On Buttons

I just want to share with you the conversation my husband and I shared the other day. I had been chatting with him while he was at work. I was asking him how to view the properties of a picture that I minimized. I couldn’t figure out the pixel amount. He told me to make sure the pixel radio was selected.
Me: Pixel Radio. What’s that? I see this pixel button, but where does a radio come in?
LG: Oh, they call that button a radio button.
Me: Why?
LG: Because it’s like the old-school radio, you can only select one button at a time.
Me: huh?
LG: Don’t you remember the old school radio?
Me: faintly.
I got the job done with the help of my personal on-line tech support team. We then got off chat.
I immediately received an e-mail with this photo.
Oh the joy of technology.
I chuckled.
And returned it with this short e-mail:
I am so glad you are finding the time to entertain yourself and enlighten me at the same time. It’s a gadget thing.
He then replied back again:
I’m here to serve.

I then said
You make me horny.

He then replied back again:
Easy, I have co-workers walking in and out of my office.

I am glad I can have that effect.
And then he got really risqué with:
Maybe since I sent you a picture to explain what I meant you need to do the same 😉

I never responded back. And I am not just saying that because his boss may read this someday.

So, fast forward, the other day we were out working in the yard.
There are these metal things sticking up from the concrete patio and they make me nervous that the kids are going to hurt themselves. I finally took matter into my own hands.

“LG, where’s the sledgehammer?”

He had no idea. I quickly searched the shed and fetched it.

He was working on some weeds close-by when I came back and took the sledgehammer to the metal.
With two swift swings I had solved the issue.

LG exclaims,
“I now get how that radio e-mail made you horny.
That was most definitely a turn on.”

We are so silly.

I love his mind.
He loves my brute strength.

How bliss are we?

Pretty bliss.
We were especially bliss on the day this photo was taken. 
It marked the end of our marriage focusing on higher education for 11 years.
So, we could have more time for the turn on buttons.


  1. You guys are so funny! Love you both!


    PS: Hey, do I have to create a blog account to be able to sign in to comment? I have just been making “anonymous” comments…

  2. If comments mean anything, I can see that the older generation enjoyed this post more than the younger ones..I wonder why that is? lol

    Angel, to get your name and pic at the top of your comment you have to have a google account (not necessarily a blog) but if you are worried because of my June contest, don't worry, I will keep track all the same. (As long as you write your name each time manually – otherwise I won't know it's you)

  3. Love the photo and the personal information share… you crack me up Miss Alice!


    ps. I thought about you driving through Utah.

  4. I tried logging in once with my gmail account but didn't follow through because it seemed to be creating a blog. Will try again.

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