The Hubby’s Humor

Those of you that have been loyal readers from the beginning know that this blog was a gift to me from my husband for Valentine’s Day a few years back. It really has been one of the best gifts he has ever given me. One, I love to write and I use this blog all the time. (except for the year 2006) 😉 Two, this blog is a great therapeutic tool! And three, LG was able to use his skills in Computer Science (which he will adamantly oppose, saying that it doesn’t take computer skills to set up a blog) to gift this to me. Of course there is no better gift than giving of yourself.

Here is a picture of LG. He is the love of my life, which none of you care about, but look at his cuteness. Just looking at a picture of him makes me smile. LG was the one who thought of the name for my blog. “I’m so funny” came from my oft heard self description of my sad sense of humor. (If I was really funny, I wouldn’t have to declare it to everyone after telling a joke, right?) The other source of this blog’s name is from the dialogue that often takes place between LG and me. Whenever one of us gets a good joke in, we are both known to profess to each other, “I’m so funny.” Usually this will turn into a little bit of fun bantering between us; of course he always lets me have the last, “No, I’m so funny.” This is very kind of him considering that he really does have the quicker wit.

We also like to sometimes exclaim to one another, “You’re so funny!” “You’re so funny” can be said for two reasons. These reasons have never been officially discussed, but have just evolved over time and are simply understood by just the two of us. The first kind of “You’re so funny” is said in a de·rog·a·to·ry fashion. The meaning of the expression really being, “you’re NOT so funny.” The second instance where we will say “you’re so funny” is always in only the finest complimentary way. The trick with the “you’re so funny” expression is that the giver of the words has to deliver the phrase in a monotone fashion. The whole fun with saying, “you’re so funny” is making the recipient of the phrase try to figure out if the humor is being described as 1- that was bad! or 2- that was really good!

Last night LG gave me a point in case example of his quick wit. I just had to share. We were in bed having our usual late night chat. Directly after our nightly prayers, and right before falling to sleep sometimes we will engage in (NO, not that) conversation. We go over the happenings of the day, talk about our next day’s plans, and sometimes, rarely, LG will even venture into the world of sharing his true deep down feelings. LG was a little down last night. He said he was having self confidence issues. (which I am sure he will be happy that I have told the whole world today on my blog – and which will also mean that it will be a while before he dares share any more personal feelings) But this story is worth it and I HAVE to give you the background information or it just won’t be the same. I will conveniently leave out some other details, only because LG has threatened me. 🙂

Our conversation progressed last night by me pressing for the exact reasons he was down on himself. He told me a few things he felt and then I got the chance to dispel his negative thoughts. By the time I got done, I thought, “I should tell him some others things he is good at.” LG’s complete ignorance of my weak compliments led me to start using the usual backup stupid complimentary phrases, the last being, “And, you know that I think that you have the perfect amount of chest hair.”

You have to understand that this last compliment was given with a sweet kiss attached. And, what was his reply? “So do you.” How does he expect my pep talk to lead to any form of intimacy when all I could do was just crack up? In between my fits of laughter I got the last word of course, “You’re so funny!” And this time I am sure that my tone gave away the meaning of the phrase.

Last night, LG may have won the I’msofunny game. Happily in this case, I declare the war as never being over. Last night, LG was truly #2 “you really are so funny” and not #1, “you’re not so funny.” with those three quick words, “So do you.”

Maybe some of those writers in Hollywood could step aside and give LG a shot. I tell you what, “So do you”, blurted out in .001 seconds?! I would almost be proud of his joke if it wasn’t in reference to me having hair on my chest (which just in case you are wondering, I don’t) If I did, that wouldn’t be so funny, now would it?



  1. Alice,Hey! I’m so glad you joined vox to comment on my blog. I will try and add your address to my list of blogs too. Also, I am going to post an ornament death count sometime this week. This Christmas tree is a joke. By the way, it’s true – – – YOu are so funny!

  2. I am so glad you linked to this post! and I had no idea you had been blogging for some time. After reading this, I wished that you could move to NC! Your dh and my dh are very very alike and the way we interact with our spouses are uncanny. I really think we would be really good couple friends and although, our children are off in ages, they would still get along because our parenting is very similar too!! Please move to NC. (we can not move to TN, I already checked into that).

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