Don’t you?…

…wish your kids
were this cute?
I mean, seriously.
You know
that they aren’t.
I am considering making an offer for surrogacy.

“What, Jada, did you say that you like french fries? How ’bout the whole bag? Donna, I want to give her the whole bag, is that ok? She deserves it. She makes America such a better place to live, just by being so beautiful.”



  1. HI I want to be your friend :} I love your blog, and by the way my children are gorgeous, and yours are too!! check them out!!!!

  2. (LOOK AT THE COMMENT THAT I JUST FOUND ON MY COMPUTER – I GUESS ONE OF MY KIDS COULDN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO POST IT) ~ Alicei know that she’s adoreable. mom,i know YOU think she’s cute, but personoly i think i’m cuter.P.S. you know being your kid and all. love, anonomous0.

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