I Feel E Beautiful

When people search the lyrics to the song I’m So Pretty on google, they must be surprised when they are brought to this old post which was titled with the words to a great Broadway song I Feel Pretty. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time.

I thought that the words said “I’m so pretty and witty and wise”, but after listening to the above mash up, I realize that I was mistaken, it’s really “I’m so pretty and witty and bright.” I like wise better, but really isn’t it the same thing?

This song has a great message and I wish to share it. Everyone should feel pretty. They should always feel pretty. Even without make-up or the latest fashions or any admirers to tell them so. I think although sometimes I feel fat, I have always felt pretty. I am not saying this to brag, but it’s true, I’m pretty. I am not drop dead gorgeous, but I don’t think I am hard on the eyes. Do other people even think about stuff like this? Am I just sounding like a total freak right now?

My sister came to visit this past weekend and she complained that I have such great skin while she still struggles with acne. She also told me that I better hurry and dye my grey hair. To try and counteract the hair comment, she said, “Alice, I wish I had as pretty of a face that you do.” Funny, I just want her marathon running body to go with my already gorgeous face. I guess this stems from so many people telling me that it was o.k. that I was fat because I have such a beautiful face. Hate on me haters. Seriously, they started telling me that at a young age. I guess I am a living testament to the power of complimentary behavior. I have always felt beautiful. (I have also always felt fat)

When LG and I were engaged, we were encouraged to take the this compatibility test at BYU before getting married the ten days later that we did. It was the worst thing we ever did for our marriage. We were told that we were compatible. (Hello, we already knew that) But, one of the questions of the test has been detrimental to LG and I both for years. It was:

Rate your potential partner’s looks.
b)below average
d)above average

I chose C. LG chose D. When going over our results, I was heartbroken. I wanted to be E beautiful and I let him have it. Every girl should feel that their spouse thinks they are E beautiful. It still comes up from time to time. LG always defends himself that D (pretty) is perfectly great and that I said he was only C (average) and no one ever hears him complain.

There is no moral to this post. It’s more of the rambling type. I do think that there is power in the mind and that we should all be kind to ourselves. I am glad that I feel pretty. Now I am just going to work on feeling happy with the body that I have or do something to change it. I think I never really worry about it because even though I feel fat, I think that fat can still be pretty. In fact, fat can be E beautiful. Just look at the link below.

Even though this blogger has never acknowledged my existence, I am still going to send you to yet another one of her posts. It’s about body image. It’s awesome. And the women of Ghana would probably never call themselves fat. Maybe I should start there.

And if the post above doesn’t make you ready for bathing suit season, try this old post of mine.


  1. I was always told that I had a pretty face but was fat too. It made me go into a crazy diet of not eating Senior yr. of high school to be super thin. I love that song you posted. I say it on the show GLEE and it was amazing. The orginal lyrics were pretty, witty, and gay. So they put bright in there to try and get it close to the original words.

  2. How timely! I was just at the pool talking trash about my body with my friend. Something about looking like an overstuffed sausage. It's the first day I've been in a swimming suit and I feel terrible…. It doesn't matter what size we are, we are our worst critics because honestly, no one cares so much.

    After a month of steroids and lots of stress I need an attitude adjustment. I also need move every once in a while!

  3. I always looked ok from the neck up, until my neck started growing too!

    I like going to the beach or a public pool. There is always somebody bigger than me AND who has stuffed themselves into a two piece suit 2 sizes smaller!!!

  4. You are Beautiful and one of the most funny and witty people I know! I absolutely love reading your blog and look forward to it! So creative and such a great writer…

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