Abigail’s Room

Abigail is so excited to have her own room. Sharing with Caroline has been disastrous at times. Good blog post coming soon about the danger of toddlers and teenagers sharing a room. It has to do with nailpolish and a baby who could climb out of her crib at our house in Knoxville.
Our new landlord will be happy to know that they will no longer be sharing rooms and all nail polish will be on lockdown (as well as writing utensils).
I just wanted to give Abigail’s old room a proper goodbye.



  1. Oh that was a cute room. Love the black.n.white deco.

    I roomed with my little sister… she was 12 years younger and I loved it… except when she trashed my oil paints because the were left out and I got grounded. Whoops! But we are close sisters and I think the whole experience overall was perfect.


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