I’ll Take My Church With Humor

LG doesn’t understand why I think this guy is funny, but he couldn’t hide his chuckle at The Eye of the Tiger. Lots of Mormons are funny. I recently learned of this funny guy Shaycarl on youtube. He’s a Mormon. He’s kind of obnoxious. He has four kids. He lives online. Wow, it’s like we are long lost twins. Except he is famous and makes his living on youtube and I am only known by my 800 friends on facebook (and only 1/8th of them read my blog) and I don’t make any money. But, it’s all good, I blog for me. And it’s always flattering that anyone actually reads this thing.

Well, you know how I love my church signs. You also know how I love a good laugh. And you know how I get giddy when we combine the two. If you are with me, you must check the link below. It is a great church sign war. And I believe the funny Catholics won.

This is hilarious.

I think that I agree with the Catholics, and not only because they are funny. Rocks will be in heaven because heaven will be here on earth. Why would the rocks have any need to go anywhere else?



  1. I love to read your blog and I am soooo happy you linked it to FB so I don't have to actually log onto another site! haha 😉 I love humor too with religion or anything really! Even when I am sad I find something to make me laugh… it is how I get through this crazy life! Love you Alice!
    PS how am I doing in the commenting competition? hahhaa I better step up my game! bahaha ❤

  2. I'm with LG on this one…Eye of the Tiger was the best part…down hill from there. Give me more of your funny life stories!!! I will never see you again since you moved to another country 😦

  3. I can't decide which part was better, the dramatic brushing of the teeth, the hand out of the window as he's driving or the big finish in the bathroom. After a second viewing, I'll have to go with the big finish. I'm definitely looking this guy up on Youtube.

  4. That church sign battle made me laugh out loud!!I want to hug the Catholic sign writer. He rocks! (SO, of course, he must be going to heaven too. . . )

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