Is it a Dad Strike?

Last week was a rough one for most of the girls at our house. As you know, there are four of us and my poor hubby is the only man. (Our cat is even a girl) I think God designed our family this way because he knew that LG would be the best dad ever!

LG is so patient, understanding, and a great listener. He is also the kind of dad that really enjoys spending time with his kids. (which makes all the difference to little girls) Look at Bella’s happiness when being tickled by her dad. She’s so happy she is almost crying!

Anyway, last week I was having a rather emotional week. (don’t we all have to do that from time to time?) But, to add to the torture Abigail and Bella were both on one also. (Sophia seemed to be immune from the estrogen induced drama for some reason this time)

LG was getting an earful every direction he turned. I would keep him up late talking out my issues. The girls would start out early with their whining.

One night at dinner, LG had had enough. I was still in a yucky mood and two of the girls were pouting about something. I looked at LG and felt a twinge of pity. All I could say is, “We are just getting you ready for the teenage years.” (We will have three teenage daughters at the same time)

LG surprised me as he actually raised his voice. He declared for all girls to hear, “That’s it, I’m joining a bowling league.”

We all just laughed. Later that night as we were sitting together enjoying all of the girls’ better moods (this seems to happen to all of us automatically when we get some good daddy time), Bella looked at her dad so sweetly and said, “Daddy, can I join your bowling league, too?” LG and I held our laughter to wide understanding smiles. (Bella can be kind of sensitive and doesn’t like us laughing at her, even though she is so cute and funny) Bella continued, “I am a really good bowler, dad.”

LG replied like the sweet dad that he is, “Of course you can join my bowling league Bella, I don’t think I could win without you.”


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