Who is Mormon?

I was mesmorized listening to the stories of other Mormons this morning. My church has done an amazing job with their site Mormon.org. I really love this page that features small videos of different Mormons and how they define themselves.

Here is a video to a mom named Rochelle that really touched me. I loved how she ended her 30 seconds. “I’m Rochelle. I’m a redhead. I’m a Texan. I’m a mother, and I’m a Mormon.”

Being a mom is so wonderful, but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the mom’s of special needs kids. I am almost jealous of them. No, I AM jealous of them. God has given them a great gift. A special reminder that stays with them constantly that God is love.

Check out this video of Jane Clayson. You remember her from her job as a Network Journalist. You know, the one she gave up to be home with her kids.

Go and check out the videos. They are amazing. I love hearing people’s life stories. I will be watching videos the rest of the day. So far I have been introduced to a guy who works at the Library of Congress, a successful brilliant singer in England (who happens to be black and was left by his mother who went back to Nigeria when he was 11), a professional surfer, a Harley Davidson sculptor, and a several other professional artists.

I love Mormons. They are all so amazing. But, you know what? All people are amazing. Everyone has a story. I wish I could learn the story of each and every person I come in contact with.

If any of you ever want to meet some Mormons. Come to church with me anytime.



  1. I will have to check this out… thanks for giving me some specific links.

    I am the same way… wouldn't it be cool if you had the time to get to know everybody and find out their background and what makes them tick?


  2. It is true that everyone has a story & I think most people want to share it. However sadly most people dont have the time to listen to it. I think we get in this place where we convince ourselves that our story isnt important, but every story is important. Its amazing to think that God sees all of us & our individual stories. Yet meshes them together into the greatest story ever told. Thats better than anything Hollywood could dream up.

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