FYI for Potter fans

It has been announced that there will be two movies to give us, the book readers, the whole end of the story from the last book! Yahoooooo!

I am very happy about this. I am the kind of Potter reader that doesn’t remember the book’s details long enough to be aware of what is missing when I get to the movie.

But, I will be glad to have one more movie to view!

The longer I have to watch Potter, the longer he will stay alive (and those of you that haven’t read the last book will just have to wonder if I am talking about Potter dying in the series) Don’t give it away commenters!

Long live Harry Potter in all of our hearts…oh, if we all could just write like JK Rowling!



  1. I absolutely love HP! Do you know that the author, she was in the top 10 Billionaires? To be so inspired and blessed to come from dire straits and then riches beyond imagine! I wish I could write.

  2. I admit it, I’m not a Harry Potter fan at all, BUT I do understand your enthusiasm. I’m finishing the Chronicles of Narnia and could read them over and over. I do share your love of the Little House on the Prairie series however and am thrilled that my little girl is now starting them. I even got Scott hooked!

  3. The last book is better if you skip the middle 300 pages or so. In their place, just read this: “Harry wandered around in the woods for a while, sulking like the stupid teenager that he was. Then he got tired of that and decided to go fight bad guys, with his friends.”

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