Cook with common sense

Mom’s advice for the day is cook with common sense.

And if you’ve don’t got any, watch your mother in law while she cooks mac n cheese.

I used to always put the pasta back in the sauce pan and then add the rest of the ingredients in one at a time.
It was horrible.
The bottom would burn and the cheese would be clumpy and the pasta would crumble.
I may not have common sense on my own, but I do know how to watch and learn.
And, trust me when I say that I learned the much more effective method.
Leave the pasta in the colander. Then melt the butter in the empty sauce pan, add the milk and cheese, whisk, and wha -la…it’s creamy sauce. Not clumpy or burnt.
And, THEN you add the pasta. And, it won’t crumble.
It’s as simple as well, should I say it? It’s as simple as mac n cheese. And so was this post.


  1. oh my gosh, either we just dont care about our mac and cheese or I have inhaled it so fast I have not noticed or WE just don’t get the clumps. I will have to check it out next time we make this dish!

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