On Moonlight Bay

My grandpa John and Grandma Dorothy remind me of
Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.
Supposedly, they danced beautifully together,
and they sang together in perfect harmony.
I would have liked to have seen it with my own eyes.
One song that they always sang on road trips was
On Moonlight Bay.
My parents, although, maybe a little less talented in the vocal department,
passed on the great tradition to my siblings and I.
I now sing this song with my children.
Four generations, and I hope it will never stop.
I wonder if Grandma and Grandpa could have forseen.
I can’t help but smile as I listen to my girls singing the song in the other room.
They always respond to this song.
I found a video of the song on You Tube,
to pass along.
This is amazing, as the same man does all the parts.
I thought it did justice to the imagined memory I have in my head
of Grandpa John and Grandma Dorothy.
Sing along everyone.
We always echo every line.
It’s more fun that way.
If you really want a blast to the not so distant past
and if you happen to be in love with The Beatles like my Abigail,
go here, and see The Beatles’ version of Moonlight Bay.



  1. I will refresh again in a minute… but its not coming up.

    I love your story of the impact that your Grandparents are having on generations.

    I wasn't at the midnight showing of Twilight last night… I am guessing you weren't either.


    ps. I wonder if I know this song. I remember all the words that I listened to on 8 track in my Dad's pickup truck… Glen Campbell, Burl Ives, oh the memories you have triggered.

    pss. I kept clicking… just waiting for today's post. It is so nice to have you back in the blogging world… for now anyway.

  2. very nicely done.
    He did such a great job singing all the parts… loved it. finally.

    I do remember the tune… but didn't have a clue about the words.


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