Ways to Hurt Bella’s Feelings

Here’s is Abigail’s latest discipline activity.
I think it goes along quite perfectly with her sourface.
I asked her to write 10 ways that she hurts her sister’s feelings.
This was to compliment her essay on what she liked about Bella.
So, I was a little surprised with her finished essay
she entitled Ways to Hurt Bella’s Feelings.
Because it seemed so calculated
instead of reflective.
I will hurt Bella’s feelings by calling her names,
hitting her, kicking her, pinching her, and biting her.

Other ways I’ll hurt her feelings is saying something untrue to her,
taking something away from her, and not caring about her.

Also, I will laugh at her and ignore her.

These are the ways I’ll hurt Bella’s feelings.
She wrote with such fervor,
it’s as if she plans to go and do each of these things.
And, she probably will do at least 6 of the 10.
No matter how good I am as her mother.
And, that, my friends, is the worst part of summer and the only reason I am ready for my children to go back to school every August.


  1. You know…
    there is still 2/3 of summer left.
    How will you get through it?

    I remember that summers seemed so LONG when my kiddos weren't getting along.


    ps. Just start singing my son Ted's favorite Hymn… There is Beauty all around… when there's NO ONE home. Ü

  2. Wow — I didn't think Abigail had that in her! My only question is…what in the world did Bella do to deserve this?? 🙂

  3. Hey guys, funny thing.

    Writing can be misleading.

    Abigail mislead me and I mislead all of you.

    She really wasn't trying to be mean.
    She was just writing what I told her to write.
    And when we looked at the finished product, we realized how mean it seemed.

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