Girls Night Out

I passed a note on Sunday asking the counselor in the Bishopric to make an announcement.

It said, “Come to enrichment on Thursday and work on a project or play basketball.”

He looked at LG and said, “Is she serious?”

Yep, dead serious. The counselor could barely read it over the pulpit without a chuckle.

“Hey”, I screamed. “If the boys can play and the kids can play, why not the women?”
(O.k. I didn’t scream this out loud in case you were worried…it was just in my head)

And just in case the basketball isn’t tempting enough, who doesn’t want to work on a project?

O.k. maybe projects aren’t that appealing BUT with company of NO children and NO men, but other chatty women and food, what woman can resist? Especially if they don’t actually have to work.

We shall see if we get more than 5 women out tonight.

Thanks to Jennifer for being the most aweseme enrichment leader ever.

She’s going to move away and leave me hanging. How dare she!

And a sidenote here. We have decided to combine our mini-classes into one night and go back to having one enrichment a month. With the same 10 women attending it was just too much to try and do something once a week. And we all want to be enriched. So, once a month, we will have three hours to try three new things. I am pumped. If you are LDS and outside the state of Utah, what do you do to make your enrichment miniclasses work?



  1. check out this monthly girls night that I am going to participate in.[]i think it will be fun.ToOdLeS.ShEiLaanother great one… is girls night at the movies. snacks. no dishes. no projects. just relax and visit.

  2. Glad you are back! Missed your posts.As far as enrichment – you do what the Lord inspires you to do – and make it work for your needs. If once a month everyone gathers – so be it! But my personal favorite are cooking classes, that really brings them in!

  3. I can not blog for two months and get two comments when I start back. You are gone forever and immediately get 10,000. You are loved. I live the cooking class idea. Of course you would have to throw in low-fat, low carb, low everything for those of us trying to keep our New Year’s resolutions.

  4. oh, the joy of enrichment! it’s hard but the ladies who want to be there will be there, right? good luck with it all.what? jen’s moving?I hope you’re feeling well.

  5. well at least basketball is relatively safe. We played uni hock at our YSA FHE. I was starting to fear for my life once the girls started swinging those hockey sticks

  6. Just a quick comment on how much we love your blog, you keep us laughing! Oh and just so you know, mini enrichments don’t work within Utah either. Well, at least not in the Married Student Wards we attended. Something that is working in our ward now, (only it’s not RS sponsered, just announced at RS and consists of people from RS) is a Culinary Crew. There are about 18 of us involved and during the school year we split up into groups of two or three. Then one Saturday out of the month a group prepares and serves a fancy 6 course meal. No husbands, no kids, which means no complainers about the food! Its great FUN!

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