Pimpin out Santa

Hello from me.
I’ve been hibernating.
And, oh, it is so nice to have control over my blog instead of letting it control me.
It’s all about me and if I don’t want to blog I don’t have to.
Here is something I would have blogged in December,
if I felt like writing or blogging or waiting for my archaic technology to load a photo.
I need a reformat.
Well, anyhow.
You know the economy is bad when…
1- Santa is being paid to stand on a street corner.
2- His suit is looking pretty shabby, right down to his rug beard.
3-I was in my car contemplating what I could buy at the pawn shop for the kids for Christmas.
4- After photographing in a hurry, I told LG that this year for Christmas, we each got $5 and had to spend it on each other at the corner pawn shop.
We wouldn’t want Santa to go without a job at Christmas, would we?


  1. Holy Cow!It’s YOU!!You are ALIVE!!!I was just thinking about you this morning wondering if I ever would hear from you in the blogosphere again. Thank heavens you said something. Blogland is better with you in it.In case I was not clear enough… I MISSED YOU GIRLFRIEND!ToOdLeS.ShEiLa

  2. Glad to hear from you again! How are you guys doing? When are you due anyhow? Your Santa post was funny; if you look on Kim’s blog back a little bit you’ll find the scariest Santa you’ve EVER seen. I told her to send the picture of him to Jay Leno! Anyway,take care and I look forward to seeing more blogging!!!

  3. Yeah yeah,lets cut down to the gpods..Do you know what you are having or what? :0)By the way, I missed you dearly…blog if and when you want darling. where not going anywhere!!!!

  4. Glad to see that your alive and in control of what could be an addiction. Blogging for me is something I do just to keep in touch with my family. Side benifit I get to share with my friends. How are you? Would love to hear more.

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