Seeing things?

After watching this:
For some crazy reason my husband thinks that this mother of three can go from being a Soccer Mom/PTSO secretary to the Vice President of the country in about ten years?
I do have vision, but c’mon….politics?
If it were up to me, I think we would have no government at all.
I am very happy with two things.
1- The respect that mothers finally seem to be getting in this country is amazing!
And, 2- the fact that my husband thinks that I should be a part of it.
And the 2nd reason makes me happy for an additional two reasons:
1- He thinks I am smart enough (or dumb enough)
And 2- he wants me to have MORE POWER!!
Yahoo to that.
I am so glad to be a part of this new stay home mom turns power politician revolution.
Even if it’s only in my hubby’s dream world.
Besides, I don’t think I would make it as a politician.
I am sure I would overspend,
and it would mostly be on school supplies that were 75% off.
No school could ever have enough crayons or pencil sharpeners, could they?
If you want to really see something: go here,
and make sure you tell me what you think.


  1. You just may be too honest for politics… not saying we couldn't use a little honesty now & then… but honesty & politics don't seem to go together. Were are in the 'promises-promises' phase but the proof will be whether or not the candiate who wins the election can deliver on his promises. My bet is… Whomever wins… will fail miserably at the task. It is like the last eight years have wrecked my ability to believe that things can get better, of course when you are at the bottom of the well… the only place you can go is up!ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  2. As for stay at home Moms, what do you say when someone asks you if you work outside of the home. I have fought with this for 34 years. The poeple who ask me are Moms and they are homemakers and they work outside of the home also. The only title I can come up with is Domestic Engineer but I don’t know if that flys or not. Son, Logan liked the title so I guess I will keep it. Any ideas? Glad you liked the GOLD SOUP pic.

  3. I don’t like to talk politics much, but I have to say — yesterday was the first time in a LONG time I got EXCITED about voting! And Alice — you are my hero in so many ways — you would get my vote!! (overspend away on those cheap school supplies!!)The war skeleton is now stuck in my brain ~ creepy!

  4. politics is an interesting game…you’d be not so much..but i like to learn and follow them a bit and try to make a difference where i can. but looking at this gals determination and what she has done thus far at age 44 makes me feel like i need to get on the ball a bit more! really i have kinds of thoughts regarding this swimming through my head.

  5. Well, it you ran for office, they would pull up all your blogs,and comments–including those about NCMO–you better delete them quick;) I would totally vote for you.

  6. I have a container in my closet full of school supplies that I bought just because they were on sale. My husband doesnt know about my school supply container. And I think you would be a hoot as president. Or vice president. Or any political position. You would get my vote ,totally. If I was a US citizen. This year I wish I was. It will be interesting to see where the country ends up after this election. And also scary. My husband says we might move to Canada. Pretty scary when someone patriotic like him says something like that.Thanks for the link. I feel like I have now made it as an official blogger.Glad I freaked everyone out….Just kidding.Really,I nearly passed out when chris showed it to me. I cried.And slept with the lights on.

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