It was bedtime. We told the girls how much money they would be earning from the last week. We have started giving them a dollar a week and we subtract 5 cents every time they disobey or talk back. This was mostly instituted in response to Abigail never feeling like she has any money (even though she has unlimited offers to do extra chores and earn some) and as a tool to manage our newly created pre-teen daughter.

I informed the girls that they all lost 50 cents for wasting all the body wash in the bathtub. They started going on and on about it not being fair.
LG instantly went into his lecture, “Do you want to talk about fair? Do you really want to go there? It’s not fair that mom does all the dishes, when you all dirty them? It’s not fair that mom has to wash all the clothes, when you guys dirty them. It’s not fair that mom cleaned up that whole playroom the other day when she didn’t make one bit of the mess….” (Man, LG was so convincing that I almost started crying in response to my unfair situation too)

Abigail is always looking for her opportunity to show her intellect: “Actually dad, that is fair, because those are mom’s jobs.”
So I HAD to chime in, “Alright, it’s not fair that that is my job. It’s not fair that you all got to ride your bikes today and dad and I had to walk because we can’t afford to buy ourselves bikes after paying for yours. It’s not fair that …”

LG took back over, “It’s not fair that I went to school for ten years and I still am not making any money, it’s not fair that I went to school for ten years to hate my job…it’s not fair that I am fat.”

So, I HAD to show my intellect: “Actually, honey, that last one is kind of fair.”

Bella had to show off the intellect of the youngest member of the family: “Yeah dad, you are the one that eats all the food that makes you fat.”

LG: “Well, it’s not fair that when you eat food, it makes you fat.”

Why does food have to make us fat? And, yes, there is a theme going on in my mind..it’s called we are all trying to change our lifestyle around here….it’s just not fair that we all have to eat right and exercise, is it?
Last night we went as a family to the Community Walk To Myrtle Beach Kick Off. We are excited to try and walk 360 miles over the next 12 weeks. We had to get our weight and height, BMI and body fat tested…talk about motivation.
Well, at one point this stranger weighed in right next to me. He was a very healthy looking guy and weighed in at 146. I looked over at the scale right at the wrong time and quickly apologized explaining that I wasn’t trying to spy. “But”, I explained, “I want you to know that I would do anything to be at your weight.” All the Health Dept. officials looked at me dumbfounded, so I chimed in with the further explanation they were waiting for, “except eat right and exercise of course.” They all seem to be pleased that their original scowls got the desired answer and gave me their approval with a few big smiles.
And, can I just vent for a second. These officials were trying to change the computer results to make my kids overweight. I was ticked. I had to give them some wisdom, “Just because my husband and I are fat, it doesn’t mean that our children are…..how do you think we got this fat? We’ve been doing everything we can to keep them healthy.” I TOLD THEM. They quickly understood that they were stereotyping. UGH!!!


  1. That is so funny.Taylors thing is “you owe me”, every time we ask her to do something. Talk about a lecture…it goes on and on. “We owe you food and shelter and education, THATS ALL, the rest is a privilege and guess what, you have lost one of those” My famous last words! LOLI could only imagine how LG would be about not making money after all this time. One day, when your in your big house, with maids and all, you’ll say it was all worth it, I hope. Heehee

  2. I am the mom who always says, “Well life isn’t fair — deal with it!” I’m sure my kids hate it! And Ryan is now putting a price tag on things as well. I ask him to do something and his reply, “I will if you give me a dollar.” To which he quite quickly hears, “I don’t think so!”And I have to agree — it is not fair that food makes us fat, darn it! Life would be so much easier if we didn’t have to worry about exercise and calories…

  3. Okay I was totally laughing out loud! This is a great post! Whenever Brielle says something is not fair i just tell her that when she is the mom she can make the rules, but since I am the mom now she gets what she gets. Lg’s response was hilarious!

  4. jnever once I have dieted.. I am now dieting, ok not dieting, just excersice and eating health.. Crap I hate it, cookies for the kids, me nadda… I hate life,, but love a chunk of money if I win……. great post, I agree completely, and people are mean and mean people suck, did you tell them that at least you could lose the weight but for them they will always be UGLY!!!!!!

  5. Oh goodness, I LOVED the whole “not fair” conversation. That had me cracking up. I still remember a phrase one of my old professors recommended: “I have no intention of being fair.”

  6. SO FUNNY!!! Fair is when your kids grow up and have kids who say, “That’s not fair!” I love it!! (Although, I can’t ever remember LeGrand saying “that’s not fair.” Of course you know how my memory is.)

  7. OHHH, I can’t tell you how many times your post made me laugh, and then laugh again! I am so there with you! remember you and LG are me and Mr. Incredible! It’s not fair! I hear the fair card played all the time.

  8. I love it when my kids talk to me about fair. If only Todd would stick up for me like LG did for you!You go girl with your fitness! You’ll rock the house.BTW…I was totally thinkin’ back to the good old Provo days when I saw the ads for the new 90210. It reminded me of the g-wood and you watching it religiously. hee hee. You watching it again?

  9. Jarrett needs to read this, he thinks that some how we are raising a selfish spoiled child meaning somehow its our fault the way she acts–I try to tell him, thats just how some kids are for us its mostly just our oldest, who wants something all the time and wants to know what she is going to get when she helps out. As for the whole diet thing, there was a lady on the TODAY SHOW who was some specialist on some diet or something and she actually said “I mean its really easy to lose the 10 pounds you just have to change the way you eat and exercise” I mean if it were really easy, there would be no “fat” people. Love this entry!! You have such a talent it would have taken me a week to write such a good story and another week to spell and grammer check!

  10. Wasted body wash, I know that one all too well. They do it with the shampoo too. And then they look at me like I have lost my mind when I say the next bottle is coming out of their allowance. Which, by the way, I think I overpay. One dollar a week sounds better than 10 dollars a month. And I love how outspoken you were about the weight thing. I would have been too chicken to say anything. You rock.

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