Pee Alert

Somebody sent me the following ad in an e-mail.
I replied immediately asking if it was serious.

She said that she hoped so.

Because I helped a boy child pee at my house the other day,
and the first two times he sat down and it went off without a hitch.
The third time he tried to stand up,
and there was pee everywhere.
It was not pretty.

My question is this…
Do we really want to pee like the boys?

Whiz Freedom

for when nature calls

World’s #1 Hygienic Urine Director.

Allows women to urinate standing up

Blow out Price: $15.00
Retail Price: $24.95
I have 86 in stock ready to ship right now.

  • Re-usable
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Hydrophobic
  • Machine Washable.
  • No Hard Edges Anywhere
  • Foldable for easy storage

This product allows women to urinate standing up and avoid unsanitary bathrooms (nasty toilets). No more need to shed layers of clothing, hover or squat over brush and bushes, endure mosquito bites, looks from others or have pants/clothes sitting on dirty floor/ground, possibly getting soaked. The products preparedness applications for families living in tight quarters and evacuation scenarios, or helping the injured relieve themselves are abundant.
Origins of the Whiz Freedom

The idea for this product was actually conceived by its inventor during the 2004 Asian Tsunami disaster. He was vacationing there with a loved one the day the tsunami hit. He recounted to me many of the sanitation nightmares he witnessed during the chaos afterward, especially for women. One incident in particular motivated him to invent this product. It was of a husband and wife. He watched as the husband knelt over his wife’s broken and lacerated legs trying to lay her on her side so she could relieve herself. He tried desperately, but unsuccessfully to not get urine into her open wounds. It was heartbreaking and the inventor wanted so badly to help, but he could do nothing. It bothered him for months afterward until he determined to invent something that could have given that women relief . It is in her memory that the Whiz Freedom was created.
Is it Easy to Use?
“The Whiz freedom™ is very easy to use. Children, students, mothers and 80 year old grandmothers have tested the Whiz freedom™ and they were all complimentary. It is simply held against the body with the broad area of the opening uppermost and then you begin to urinate. Nature and gravity do the rest.
We have not had one single user who cannot use it.

Its unique ‘lily shield’ shape was tested by over 1400 women in clinical trials in 2003/4 and since then, by tens of thousands of women of all ages, from all walks of life. It is CE marked, FDA approved and available on NHS Prescription in the UK. It is also recommended by the UK Continence Foundation.” –From the Whiz Freedom Official Website
Video Explaining benefits and Use of Whiz Freedom

Can Little Girls Use It?
Yes, they can.

My 6 year old daughter has comfortably and successfully used one for the last 2 years whenever we’ve been on long car trips with no bathroom in sight. The are one size fits all and can accommodate women and girls form 4 years old up to adulthood.

Purchasing Method
To place your order please call or email me.
Phone: 435-817-0743
A PayPal option is available for Credit Cards, please email me for details.

I accept checks, cash or money orders. A PayPal option is available for Credit Cards. Checks can be made out to me and mailed to:

Jacob Meyers

PO Box 268

Spring City UT, 84662

And for you weird equal rights people and/or inquiring minds,

I’ve tried to authenticate the idea/company online,
and have come up with nothing.
I guess you will have to keep sitting down,
like the rest of us.
But, take courage,
it really may not be that bad of a thing.
LG is mesmerized.
He says,
“But, you’d have to wash it every time.
What would be the use?
You would lose the time you saved standing,
by disinfecting that thing.”
Yeah, not to mention, the pee all over my toilet.
I can only imagine the fun
my adventurous daughters
could have with a contraption like this.


  1. WTF? I don't about all that. I like sitting down. Its like the only time I do all day.

    p.s. I thought they told you to pee on your wounds in the Army? If its true that woman could have saved her self from infection.

  2. I love these & they are very popular in the backpacking world. In fact I have wanted one for awhile. It would make my hiking trips a little more bathroom friendly. Oh & let the hubby know that they make disposable ones also so no wasted time. You just throw it in the garbage. FYI there is also a website that teaches a girl how to pee standing up without any devices, but I recommend practicing in the shower. Trust me on this one!I know from personal experience.

  3. I really could use one of these for the trips and rest areas where the toilets give you pause.

    Tony gets way bugged if I have to make too many pee stops… I told him I did great on the way to Canada because I wore Depends. (the thought of that about made his eyes go cross-eyed) Of course I didn't but if nurses and doctors can wear them in 10+ surgeries then I shouldn't be embarrassed to… should I.


  4. ps. I could pee standing just like the boys when I came home with a catheter after bladder surgery. WE went on a hike and I didn't need to squat… just whizzed on a cactus. Ü

  5. Seriously? I suppose we could just go out and buy a funnel too if we really wanted to pee like a man. Super strange! There is something for everyone!

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