Cletus, Take the Wheel

Last week, I posted a little Tim Hawkins. He was making us laugh about the old school playground.

Well, lo and behold, a blogging friend of mine also posted something very funny from Tim Hawkins. After showing it to LG and hearing him bust a gut, I’ve decided to share the link.

But, in accordance with blogging 101, I am not stealing the video, I am sending you directly to my blogging friend for your viewing pleasure. And, just a heads up, it’s funny, but it’s funnier if you live in the South or are a lover of country music.

And, here are some more that I found funny from my new funny hero Tim Hawkins:



  1. Ya knkow the part where they are staring all them walking down the street, that is us,holy crap, we just went to dinner and bowling(sortof), and just to sit and eat our dinner without everyone coming up to us would be a once in a life time, I swear they act like we are famous. There was 5 familys came up to us while we were eating, nice compliments, but come on,,it gets old after awhile, wow, guess you hit a soft spot tonight,, vent vent vent,, ahhh feel much better now.

  2. Devri, you would think living in UT, people would be use to large families! I would begin to feel your frustration as well. In my neck people think 4 are a lot. I just smile and say, these were the 4 that were good, the other 4 are at home!

  3. OH MY gosh that home school video is HILARIOUS! How ironic, Matt and I were just speaking of homeschooling this morning (and how I WISH I was built for it, but I know I am not!) Thanks for the laughs!!!

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