Yuck and more yuck! Here is one lawsuit that I thought was warranted.

And, here is one that isn’t. C’mon people. Don’t you think that you are asking a little too much. Wouldn’t lifetime zoo passes more than make up for your five wasted hours? And, they can’t really be considered wasted when you had all those angry baboons to watch, can they?



  1. yuck is right. re: fast food lawsuit. i can’t understand people that work in the fast food industry that even think these type of pranks are funny. they are sick individuals… i wouldn’t do this to an enemy. re: the baboons.IF his wife was in danger or went into labor… i am sure they would have been able to rescue her sooner… but hey, if your pregnant and being stranded anywhere bothers you… don’t place yourself in those situations.I remember traveling home from work one night (about a 30 minute commute) when I came to a standstill in traffic. The accident ahead was going to keep us stranded for 6 hours… i really needed to pee and was not going to go in front of everyone… so I carefully manuevered my vehicle (with the help of a trucker) to the shoulder driving in reverse until I could safely cross. The lesson I learned… don’t leave work needing to pee when you have a 30 min. drive that could turn out to be hours. If they neglected the prego lady… then maybe, but she wasn’t the only one stranded… hello! ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

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