The Playground back in Old School

I had one of the best walks down memory road recently at a little park in Sayre, OK.

(I think that is the right state)

When we stopped to eat at a very retro park close to the interstate,

I just had to take pictures!

When would I ever see playground equipment like this again?

There must not be a single lawyer in this little country town.

I can’t believe that playground equipment like this is still in existence,

much less, actually STILL in a park.

If it wasn’t 110 degrees outside, I would have INSISTED my kids take a try on that slide.

Those were the days, weren’t they…you know, the ones when it was fun to go to the park and brave the safety hazards….oh man, old school, when are you coming back to us?



  1. This brings back such SWEET memories of Eastman Park with the kids. I think some of that equipment is still there. I will go check it out for old times sake. Thanks for your help yesterday with my blog.

  2. LOL. Such a great video and so many great memories. Last month when we went up to Burley, ID for Todd’s triathlon there was a little park there just like this one. It had a big metal slide that my kids wouldn’t go down because it was so hot, one of those metal dome things and a few of the coil animals. My kids didn’t last 10 minutes – they never would have made it through an entire recess. 🙂

  3. Most places have ripped all the old stuff out… I know they have where I grew up. The photo sure brought back memories though.ToOdLeS,ShEiLAps. the ground was donated for the old park I played in by Wayne Newton… his ranch in Logandale bordered the park.

  4. Oh my Gosh! Poor little Michael Weaver!! He had a crush on me in 2nd grade and picked on me alllllll the time! I sweetly talked him into licking the Jungle Gym on a beautiful c-o-l-d winter afternoon at Readfield Elementary School in the good ole State of Maine! Needless to say…he found another girlfriend! That video was classic!! Thanks!

  5. Love the pics Ali!!! I so remember those days! Been burnt on the metal slide (just takes one time to be smart enough to never let that happen again), had my foot get squashed under a teter totter, and stayed sick all day cuz of the merry go round.Wouldn’t trade those days for nothing!!!!

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