How in the world do they ever expect to make a profit?
Everyone wants a hot dog while they wait for their brake work.

On the other side of the sign, it reads:

No beer.
No lottery.
No hot dogs.
Being a good Christian, I understand the no beer and no lottery thing.
But hot dogs…isn’t that supposed to be safe for Christians?
Since when do we have to have a Kosher diet?


  1. LOL — that’s too funny! They must have had a lot of people stopping in for hot dogs in order to feel the need to post “NO hot dogs” on their sign! 😉

  2. Too weird!it was really that funny…some mechanics are know for their lotteries, hot dogs, and beer. ÜI don’t know that anyone expects any of these things when I go to get an oil change or brake job. I am just way glad when they give me a ride to the mall so I don’t have to sit in their waiting room for 4 hours… I’m with you Yvonne…. it doesn’t make any sense.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

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