How in the world do they ever expect to make a profit?
Everyone wants a hot dog while they wait for their brake work.

On the other side of the sign, it reads:

No beer.
No lottery.
No hot dogs.
Being a good Christian, I understand the no beer and no lottery thing.
But hot dogs…isn’t that supposed to be safe for Christians?
Since when do we have to have a Kosher diet?


  1. LOL — that’s too funny! They must have had a lot of people stopping in for hot dogs in order to feel the need to post “NO hot dogs” on their sign! 😉

  2. I’m going to bring in an Ugly Dog and ask for a tune up.Biased against good-lookin’ dogs they are.PS. Hotdogs will kill you, Ali.

  3. Too weird!it was really that funny…some mechanics are know for their lotteries, hot dogs, and beer. ÜI don’t know that anyone expects any of these things when I go to get an oil change or brake job. I am just way glad when they give me a ride to the mall so I don’t have to sit in their waiting room for 4 hours… I’m with you Yvonne…. it doesn’t make any sense.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

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