1. 10 Puppies?!?!? How did you not end up bringing two or three home?? I would have snuck a couple in the car…they are SO sweet!!I loved that video — how funny!

  2. The Sister Moffitt that I am referring to is the step mother of Christy White, who is in your stake.I am in the McMinnville Stake.My husband and Christy grew up together. Like pics of them when they were 2 year olds naked in the bathtub together!!!

  3. Talk about perfect timing…so your sweet girls could give them some lovin’ cause I am sure they weren’t cute enough to get any lovin’ before… ÜThey are adorable.In a couple days my little Celestial has to send her pup Morpheus to heaven… he has cancer and she is beside herself. I hope that once the initial shock wears off that she will get another puppy to love.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

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