Crafty Friends…

…are the best!

Cally created this.
Go to her blog to see all of the other amazing things that she can do.
I almost died when there was something just for me on her blog.
Who knew blogging friends were so good at surprises?
I cannot wait to get my hands on the original.
Friends do get a good discount, right?

I must say that I am so happy to have finally found something that
really portrays just how cute my girls really are.

And, as if this wasn’t enough.
Look at what came in the mail today.
Kristen made up this sweetest piece of recreated children’s art.
She mentioned this medium on her blog in reference to my post about Bella’s art.
Kristen also has a crafty blog.
This is just so beautiful. It reminds me of something that I would find at Cally’s house.
Neener, neener. neener Cally, you will have to make your own.
I love being surprised. It doesn’t happen often.

Thanks for thinking of us girls.

You have both motivated me to decorate the girls’ room for the first time in their lives.
Now all I have to do is wait for Valerie to sew those bedspreads.
Would anyone like to offer to paint and/or make some curtains?

Really, thank you so much Cally and Kristen.

I am absolutely speechless. And you know that never happens to me.


  1. I love Cally’s artsy creation of your girls… and that Kristen made Bella’s artwork something to keep forever(I would have done the same thing). When are the bedspreads comng??? ÜToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  2. I wish I could offer my crafty skills to you…..but I have none as I’m sure you already know. That stuff is so great. Amazing talent!!!

  3. Alice, I lurk on your blog far more often than you probably realise. You are the first link in my blog of friends and I can’t help but follow your ramblings and fall in love with all your stories! Infact, Andy and I even watched your family play Family Fued. SO there. You are loved by us. We just don’t tell you enough. But we are proud to call you our friend! And we’re coming to Tenn in Octoboer. Heather

  4. I LOVE Bella’s art and I LOVE Cally’s gift. You are one lucky gal Alice! I can’t wait to see the bedspreads and what you do with the girls’ room. I would gladly come help you paint just so we can hang out — but you might not like the finished product! I can paint — but not entirely neatly! LOL

  5. You’re welcome! I can’t wait to start doing it with Dallin’s little renderings.p.s. The picture frame is actually one that Renee (wwmd) let me have when she was moving. I took a bunch of her junk, infact. I love junk.

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