Eat, Drink, and Get a Refill

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“The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.”
~Alfred Hitchcock

This summer we have splurged and taken the kids to the real movies twice.
They were the matinee shows, but still a whole lot more expensive than our usual outing to the dollar show.
About a month ago we went and saw KungFu Panda.
And a couple of weeks ago we enjoyed every minute of Wall E.
They were both good, but Wall-E was our favorite.

If you’ve seen Wall-E, you will know what I am talking about when I say:

“It is plainly coincidental that I took the previous photo of
our HUGE drink two seconds before the show started.”

Here is the garbage can on the way out.
The theatre teenage workers were very amused that I was taking a picture of their pain.

It looks like I am not the only one who believes that if you splurge on $40 worth of movie tickets, you may as well round it off with an extra $20 for a large popcorn and drink that can be shared and refilled.
I know you will all think I am horrible when I tell you that I smuggle in the candy.

The real question is, ” Who is going to get up during the middle of the movie and fetch the refill?
That would usually be me. Isn’t that’s what mom’s are for?

Moms are also really good at making sure that their kids notice the cool new Dyson hand dryer in the bathroom.

After all that soda, we barely made it through the movie.

Alfred Hitchcock was from a different era of movie watching.

He and his little bladder were WAY before Supersize.

I really think that we should start a mother revolution and request that all family friendly movies implement a mid-movie potty/refill intermission.

And, with all those super sizes,

it’s no wonder that all Americans can relate to movies like Wall-E and KungFu Panda.

It’s a good thing we had the opportunity to work off the calories in the movie lobby on the way out.



  1. we ALWAYS get the combo–large popcorn, 2 large drinks and an m&m's for 12.00. it used to be 10.00 and they just upped it. i protested for like .0008 of a second and then shelled out the extra two bucks because i MUST. HAVE. MOVIE. POPCORN.btw: loved kung fu panda, haven't seen wallee yet, but it's next

  2. I think you’ve almost guilted me into taking the kids to a movie this summer.And I love those hand dryers. They have those at a place I play the slots in Delaware. Heck, they’re almost as fun as the slots. No..I was wrong about that.

  3. i smuggle candy too.i can't stand the prices. ever since weight watchers… it's more like i smuggle Fiber One bars though and I skip the popcorn.(a big tub of theater popcorn is 40 points & I just can't do it)ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  4. Large Popcorn and two drinks for us. One drink for mom and dad, and one for the kids. We usually get there real early, chow down the popcorn while we’re watching previews, then I make the kids get a refill before the movie starts. And we smuggle candy as well!

  5. We usually just do the drive-in in the summer because kids 11 and under are free. . . and you get 2 movies(if you can stay up that late)Not to mention it is legal to bring your own food–but with my pregnant belly we saw Kung Fu Panda in the AC–we took out a 2nd mortgage to be able to afford it!! I think by the time Wall-e is at the drive-in I won’t be pregnant–so we may go see it.

  6. We went to the matinee of both of those movies and LOVED them! I think my kids enjoyed Kung Fu best but I was in love with Wall-E.And I have also been guilty of bringing my own treats- is the prosecutable by law? Ask LG…

  7. Oh yes, by the time we see the movie, get the popcorn and drinks, we are well into the 100.00 range, no joke, so we have now banned non dollar movies, but there still costs us about 40.00 to 50.00. So- we haven’t seen Wall-e but have seen Panda- I can say this cuz no one can trace me back to where I am- We have , I mean had a copy of Panda- yup that’s right- friend had one, so when the opportunity came for the taking, well, lets just say- I did not choose the right. We burned the cd, so you cant rat me out. Still want to be my friend?

  8. Who doesn’t love the movies? Okay, so I don’t right now with 2 little ones, though Brielle gets deprived. How fun! That is one HUGE drink Bella has, looks like a great time. I am waiting for you to post some memories on my blog, we have too many!

  9. We usually get there early so we’ve eaten the popcorn before the movie even starts!!!(I can’t wait to go to Utah next week–one of our boys has a part time summer job at the movies and we get in for free!!! (Too bad we don’t get our snacks for free ; ) I plan on seeing WallE and King Fu Panda, as well as some others ; )

  10. So stinking funny! We went to the movies for the first time ever and my kids did not bring their popcorn eating a-game. They barely finished one tub of popcorn. Luckily dad and I were there to finish it off.

  11. Hitchcock was a genius. I love the potty/refill break. I almost peed my pants during Phantom of the Opera; Yes I said Pirates of Penzance- (quote from one of my fav movies)

  12. Why have I not been reading your blog more regularly? I’ve been missing out! How was KungFu Panda? We LOVEd Wall-E even though my 3 year old paced during 3/4 of it.

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