People used to tell me to enjoy her curls.
And I did. I enjoyed them all of the time.
I enjoyed them most when she was just out of the bath.
We’d brush her hair and watch each one mold right back in place.
They would always  bounce behind her as if trying to keep up with her one speed: tornado.
Mostly they were unruly.
I would sometimes catch myself wondering if I should do a better job of taming them.
It was lucky that she was so cute she could get away with a white girl’s fro.
However, I didn’t believe that they would ever go anywhere.
They would say, “When you cut her baby hair, she will probably lose her curls.”
No way was she going to lose them.
They were who she was….they were part of her.
Well, they were right.
At four years old, she doesn’t have a single curl left on her head.
IMG_3565 IMG_4585
I’m so glad I enjoyed them while they lasted.
And I was not totally wrong.
They will always be a part of her.
No matter how long she lives.
My little Goldilocks.
2012-05-04 15.16.21
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  1. Mallory has really tight ringlets when she was little. I miss it so much! Her hair is a little wavy not but not a single curl since she was 5 years old.

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