Summer Clearance

And, after all the plastic bad news, here is one for those who are a little paranoid and are looking for effective ways to protect yourself against criminals.

The moral of the story: start storing your gun in your cooler next to your bed. That way you will have a working strategy for offense and defense.

And, lucky for you, summer clearance sales are right around the corner. You should be able to afford every plastic cooler of your heart’s desire.



  1. Crazy story! Note to self, store gun in cooler.Because of my computer issue, I’m way behind on blogging so am just now reading all your new entries and wow… you were on the FEUD!!! That was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. A thousand cool points earned!

  2. wow, i guess i didn’t realize that plastic coolers were bullet proof. some of the body armor our troops use in Iraq doesn’t work… maybe we should send them lunchboxes. ?ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  3. I don’t keep a gun in my house, just a big tongan man, but the cooler will be great next to the bed for a midnigt snack 🙂

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