What do you do on Mother’s Day when your dad is at church all day
and your mom doesn’t feel good?

Dress up. Of course.

The dress up is not the tricky part. It’s the choice of characters that is complicated.

If you choose an hogre and his mighty steed Donkey, you make a statement.

The statement is:
” I choose to be in the bath scrubbing this marker off of my face for the rest of the evening.”
We don’t need princesses in this family. We are all about originality. (and scrubbing of course)


  1. You are the blogging queen!!! I just checked yesterday morning and there’s like 5 new entries on here.I’m so impressed.

  2. Holy schmoly woman, where did all of these posts come from? It’s like feast or famine here. Please feed more regularly. LOL, Green on Mother’s day, eh?

  3. My 14 yr old is still drawing on herself!! or some goofy boy at school is writing on her arm….sheesh. Did it come off? You need to post a before and after-or at least a fading color after????

  4. Poor Abigail…so creative and cute, but I am guessing not too happy once she had to scrub her face. Ouch!How strange that my kids decided out of the blue to watch “Shrek 2” last night and then I came to visit your blog and the first post I see is titled “Shrek”….Enjoy the weekend!!

  5. Hi funny-lady,loved your blog. even though i’m not family, i enjoyed the dynamics of your family for the scrubbing, it’s the same story with us as well, because my younger daughter is an unstoppable scribbler and and thanks for visiting my blog.

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