Thanks Cally.

Sometimes, I just love my friends even more.
Because I remember that I love them
And real.
And humble.
And they don’t have to be perfect,
and when they don’t act perfect all the time,
it gives me permission to be myself.
I wonder why sometimes
I waste time
building friendships
with non-real people.
You know,
they are made out of cheese.
I guess this is my guest post for the week.
Because Abigail came home with lice on Tuesday.
And I have been laundering,
and mayonaising,
and RIDing,
and laundering some more,
and spraying,
and vacuuming,
and crying,
and bagging everything,
and boiling hair things.
And my brother has been in town.
Thank goodness without his kids.
I would die to give them lice
and lucky for David, he is bald,
and had a hotel room.
Did you ever read my post
(Yeah, I just made that word up.)
Congrats to me.
Therapy has worked.
I’m o.k.
to tell the whole world
that my daughter has lice.
I have arrived.
I don’t care.
Go ahead,
I dare you.
Call me
It won’t hurt.
Have a wonderful Friday.
And know that this completely imperfect person
will never EVER claim to
be anything more or less than just that.
And, yeah,
sometimes my kids don’t shower every day.
But, that’s not how they got lice,
because they’ve been doing that
for 6 years.
And they didn’t get lice
until Abigail went to middle school.
And I have my suspicions
of how she got it.


  1. So sorry to hear you're in the dregs of lousedom. Emma had lice on her birthday last year. I knew that it had nothing to do with being dirty, but I still felt that mortification and panic and thought we were all going to die. We managed to survive though. A reassuring talk with my brother (the pediatrician) and much research on the CDC's website helped me calm down. (Do a thorough cleaning one time, then let it go and focus on the head, focus on the head…)

  2. I love you.

    And now for my official reaction to the horrible circumstances you're in…..sense my sympathy and desperation for you.


    Do you think our children would get over it if we sent them to school in shower caps? Could be cool.

  3. Hey…no worries! It is funny that people don't talk about lice, but when you GET them talking, it seems like EVERYONE has a lice story! Clean or not. Oh, by the way, Rosie didn't get it! I was just being paranoid. We LOVE you for YOU! Isn't that awesome!?

  4. I am so sorry. I had this happen to me once when we lived in Kentucky. Five girls. All with very thick hair. A week washing sheets and blankets and pillow cases everyday, bagging up stuffed animals, hours combing through their hair every night. An aversion to bugs, but having to suck it up and be in charge. because Steve was always at the hospital. Lice was really good at humbling me, AND teaching me to laugh when I felt like crying. I made it through. I am sure you have too, and we are both stronger for it. 🙂

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