World Wide Wrestling

I have no idea who Eddie Guerrero is, but I just like to watch grown men cry.
(Happy Birthday to the only man that I don’t like to watch cry. LG is 33)

And, I really want to be in Eddie’s neighborhood in the next life, so that I can witness the embraces of all of the former wrestlers. I could be entertained forever.

Oh, and this video was such a better form of entertainment than the wrestling match that I passed in a parking lot on my way home from Wal-Mart the other night.

I left LG and the girls in the car and ventured into a whole new world of hillbilly.

I thought I had walked into some fictional novel.

And then my camera died.

The End.

Oh, you missed the front view, I am so sorry.

This is the best shot that I got. Notice the classy venue.

Check out the mc’s mullet curl!



  1. ok, is it LG’s birthday? Happy Happy Birthday LG! Ok, I was brought up watching WWW wrestling, and I can’t stand it now. Dash loves wrestling and John Cena is one of his all time faves. My nephew (Sam I am) got him hooked and it has been a dull light in our lives ever since. If you watched wrestling when you were young, do you remember Jimmy Superfly Snuka, or the wild samoans or the Barbarian? The barbarian is a good friend of ours, and used to be in our ward, same stake.

  2. Very interesting the things you see in the parking lot… that has never happened to me before. I only see people making out at the mall.Happy Birthday LG!ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  3. hummmmmm, not even sure how to respond to that. I once got in the middle of a full on fight in the parking lot of walmart, and they ended up under my car…REALLY…and I was soooo mad that I threatened to run them all over. I truly scared me to death. Oh we love Walmart

  4. Come on I know you love to see LG cry! Okay, I have my memories for you. The first is obviously cleaning up Bellas and Abigails throw up in the van, watching the Miss America Pageant with you while eating about a dozen no-bkae cookies, our trips to Sams when I didn’t have a car, going to Kingsport for Thanksgiving, and the first year of Law school. I know there are more but these really stand out.

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