Non-twirly coach

LG expressed the sentiment today that he really misses coaching the girls in soccer. We suckered Clint into the coaching gig this season. Because our lives have been so hectic, we thought we deserved a little break. Clint was so gracious to embrace his new responsibility and he has been a great coach.
But, he is a non-twirly coach…in fact, he is an anti-twirly coach. What is a non-twirly coach, you ask? It’s the kind of coach that picks his team players up one by one and twirls them around in the air every time a player scores.
Now any of you that are “real” athletes know how ridiculous this is. Clint is an “athlete”. What does he do when the girls score? What any real athletic coach should do. And, look, how happy the girls are to join in the ritual. Forget this twirly thing!!! We all could live a lot happier with a good old fashioned Hi-five from time to time.



  1. It sure is fun to tease him about! I see you got my chickie in a photo! She is officially blog famous now I guess. 🙂

  2. I never knew that there was such a thing… twirly coaches. To me knowing that they are out there creeps me out. Of course I keep telling my hubby that those guys on TV known as MMA(mixed martial arts)competetors they probably think they are macho and athletic, but to me they are ‘twirly’. It resembles ‘girly men’ wrestling. I am sure it is supposed to be athletic, but it doesn’t do a whole lot for me except make me laugh. toodles, Sheila

  3. Twirly coach, very funny.I too love “high fives”. My sister totally makes fun of me because I demand them over the littlest things, but hey. They make you feel like a winner!

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