What could possibly…

…tear such a devoted mother from watching two (yeah, count it, two at the same time) of her daughter’s play in soccer game?
Pick your favorite.

You’d think they’d be glad to have a break from mom’s camera in their face?
But, even though they complain about my camera and my blogging,
I am convinced that they really do love it! (secretly, of course)
But just in case they are serious with their detest,
I choose to take pictures of things that are a lot less interesting.


  1. I just clicked on your blog when my hubby walked in and immediately he says, uh-oh! What? He saw the airplanes on your post. I get teased about how much time I can spend at the airport watching planes take-off and land.toodles, Sheila

  2. forgot…it looks like we both have a love of photography. My husband told my nieces today that my camera was the best & worst gift he ever got me. Best because I like it so much and the worst cause I never go anywhere without it and I never stop taking photos. I am sure he will live. toodles, Sheila

  3. It just cannot be helped! Every moment is a potential blog moment!!! Everytime I take a picture of anything my kids say it is for the blog. hehe….how’d they know???:)

  4. I choose FedEx! only because I am an optimist and can only hope that it is carrying a package for me! But, I believe it is headed in the opposite direction! Yes, I have been trying to lay off the picture moments but it just can’t happen. They will love it when I print my second edition of my blog to a hard bound journal. They loved the first one and I keep reminding them of that! ::sheesh::

  5. at least you take a camera to the game. i just like to forget and leave it at home in the drawer so my 10 year old can cry about her mother loving her less than the other player’s moms.

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