1. What a display of awesome character! Great Story…glad she got her home run with the help of the other team.off the subject: I feel so bad about my post that wrecked your day and tossed you into the throws of depression. I am sorry. Maybe I need a rating system for my posts so that the extra sensitive people can skip them. If it makes you feel better… I am one of these people, I lose sleep all the time over these [real life] experiences. I take blogland very seriously, you would think I knew my fellow bloggers forever. I really hope you are doing better, and you made the right call with Bella (esp. if she is a tenderheart bear like my Cesty)some things can wait until your older, some can’t, my daughter has a hard time hearing sad stuff and she is 25. I think she physically feels their pain. toodles, Sheila

  2. I was on the elliptical at the gym this morning when I saw this story on Sports Center it choked me up so much that I fell off (I’m kind of coordination challenged to begin with). It is always so amazing to see these acts of kindness that supersede our own selfish will. It brought me to tears again seeing it on your blog.

  3. good stuff– i just called my hubby in here to read it. he started rolling his eyes when i told him i wanted him to read a blog, but then he sat down and read THE WHOLE THING (a first btw) thanks!

  4. Oh yes, me too! I thought about it last year when I met some mom’s on my son’s baseball team that do it. I was the pitcher for Girls fast pitch and played short stop. I struck a whole team out and was in the paper a lot. I played softball, baskeball, and volleyball. If only my body was the same back in da day! I think you should definitely go out! I am going to get involved in volleyball because I still rock the house in that sport!

  5. I used to get all the ‘new’ stories on ellen. But she just told this story on her show… four days after you posted it.So I guess it’s all old for her now. She also showed your ‘Hey Jude’ YouTube after your post. Alice I wonder if ellen knows she should be coming to you for all the ‘hot tips’ and then she can quit being so yesterday????toodles, Sheila

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