Right of Way

Oh yes, it’s spring in Tennessee!

But, wait, is this even blog worthy, when it’s not a John Deere?


  1. Fantastic Foto! When I lived in Mesquite everyone was out motoring around in their electric wheelchairs (like the jazzy) they would grocery shop, go to the Library, the post office. Very popular…but a lawn mower, that’s original! toodles- Sheila

  2. can’t remember…did I already tell you how great your classic stories are? I left a couple comments and then realized maybe you don’t check the comments on blogs dated that long ago. I just had to e.mail the Self Check-Out story to my sisters… I have six. I also sent my sister Kay the one about your Linger Longer (I had never heard of them until she talked about them, she is in Illinois) You have such a talent for writing very clever and hilarious real life stories. Kudos to YOU for linking them for easy reference. toodles, Sheila, NV

  3. Yes Saxon, as far as Southerners are concerned, John Deere is the ONLY brand of riding mowers…but you also have to call it a riding tractor if you are in the South….I guess riding mower just doesn’t give the respect deserved for the man’s finest piece of machinery.

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