At dinner tonight, we had THAT conversation. It went something like this.

Me: “Abigail, you know, you guys are all growing so fast, you will need a bra before you know it.”
Abigail: “No I won’t.”

Me: “Yes, you will, probably by about the 5th grade, enjoy your freedom while it lasts, you only have a couple of years left.”

Abigail: “Some of my friends already have bras. R*** has one, and so does J***.”

Me: “What, J*** has a bra? She doesn’t need a bra.”

LG: “I need a bra more than J*** needs one.” (LG wants me to clarify, just in case any of you would actually worry about, he has no idea what J even looks like, much less her bra size…he just figures that his boobs are bigger than any third graders out there)

And refering to his own breasts may be the only time LeGrand chimes in when the topic of bras comes up. That and when he reminds me that he can still unclasp m….(I better not go there…you remember the rule…the bedroom is off limits.)



  1. FYI-sometimes little girls “need” bras more than they really “need” them. I had this conversation 4 times with my pre-pubescent girls. I remember dying to wear a bra even though I was flat chested until age 14. So I gave in to keep them happy- “God’s supermarket” has awesome little chest protectors…..

  2. …….One HANDED!Us mormon boys are proud of our skills later in life b/c we don’t get a lot of practice in our teen years!The sad thing is by the time we’ve mastered the technique, we’ve already grown our own man-boobs and the skill is less valued b/c we’ve got our own to play with.J/KCOME’ON People Laugh WITH ME, not AT ME!

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