Be happy with help.

I am a huge advocate for mental health. Most people that read my blog may not know this, but I was diagnosed as Bi-Polar Type II about 4 years ago. I am very lucky to have a mild case that is manageable. They call me “high functioning” even though on some days I wonder why.

I just wanted to post a link to J.K. Rowling’s words to people who may be suffering with depression. When speaking of her own desire to take her own life, she encourages others to “go and get help”. I cannot tell you how important this is. So many people just resign themselves to the misery when with a little professional help they can be very happy.

Don’t you think JK Rowling is one happy lady? I am happy most of the time. People! You can be happy! So, get help, if you need it.



  1. I am really unfamiliar with bipolar and the stages of bipolar. I am undiagnosed obsessive and I do get pretty moody. I am glad that you have been diagnosed and can recieve the help you need. I am thankful you are mentally and physically healthy because you bring a whole lot of sunshine to my world.

  2. It’s great you’re so open with this. If more people (women) would talk openly about our health issues, we wouldn’t be nearly as stressed out!

  3. I often wonder if I have the same thing. This winter, I had baby blues, winter blues, fat blues, Dallin having his problems blues. I was blue, blue, blue. I think I am almost over it all now, thank goodness. During my first year of marraige, I had depression so bad. I remember a coworker of mine being so confused about it because “you should be so happy, you just got married”. Luckily, I have learned how to deal with it all and I feel like I am mostly happy now.

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