I’m so pretty and witty and wise

I am quoting the words to an old song called “I’m so pretty”(for those of you who are not familiar with the theatre)…From the words of the song, I guess it was an original version of “You’re so vain”!

My MaryKay stuff arrived on Friday and I now feel pretty and witty and wise all at once. (I usually just feel witty and wise – ha) Thank you to Michelle for hosting the giveaway.

I am so happy to have won something, especially free eye make up remover and brushes and moitsurizer. And, I have already put some samples to the test, and with the rest, I plan to have a make-up party with my girls.

Now if someone could mail me about 10 extra hours so that I can get around to all my posts, I would really appreciate it.



  1. YEah! I love MK! Tell me about the extra hours. I am so far behind in blogging but I have taken many pictures and can’t wait to share them of our adventures. TIME!

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