My singers update

Yeah for David Archuleta. He took forgotten lyrics mistake last week and made himself better. Now his forgotten lyrics are forgotten by all. I thoroughly enjoyed him last night.

I was with the judges on being disappointed in Brooke White last night. I hope she will go back to singing stationary. I couldn’t believe that she did so bad with a Beatles song. Who can bomb a Beatles song besides KristyLee Cook?

And, LG was so upset that her dress was too revealing…he was thoroughly disappointed, despite my efforts in telling him that it was relatively modest. Oh, you should have heard what LeGrand was saying….I will save it for my own ears…it wasn’t very positive, but let’s just say that he expects people (performers or not) to live up to their temple covenants (dressing modestly being one of the most important). If it was up to LG, he would have single handedly voted her off last night, just because of her dress!

And isn’t it funny that Paula Abdul will always compliment someone on what they look like whenever she is about to dish out negative feedback? Like saying, “well, you look gorgeous tonight” makes up for the following, “but, your pitch was all over the place, you chose the wrong song and you may be in trouble”.



  1. LG and I are on the same page. I couldn’t agree with him more esp. since up to this point she’s been an example in her dress. She did show you can be fashionable and not immodest. But anyhow… since I didn’t see it last night thanks for the update on the performers.

  2. I didn’t see the show, but I’m with LG! It’s hard enough to try to find modest clothes for myself that actually look somewhat fashion forward, I need to see LDS girls living up to their standards on TV as well. I guess I’m weak and I still want an example to keep me out of strapless baby doll dresses, which by the way, is all they have at Target for spring. I’m ready to start making my own clothes, seriously!!!

  3. OK, so I don’t watch American Idol either. Not out of “choice” but ‘cuz we don’t have cable. How’d the filipino girl do?OH, and I cracked UP on your $250 Old Navy thing. Yup, that’s when I busted the bank! Can’t beat the “half off red ticket price” time at ON! For next year, I plan on going the day before, buying something so I can take that online survey and get my 10% off next purchase code, then go back the morning of the clearance and have even more fun. OH, and then you can’t forget the $10 or $20 coupon you get in the mail later on! 🙂

  4. I am with LG, I was thinking the same thing. LIKE Why??? Clearly she was not wearing any part of her garments. After going this far, I wonder if she felt weird removing them. why? because her dress was not revealing enough or good enough to sway the looker vote. It was nauseating yellow and hung like a sack on her.

  5. I applaud Brooke for having the moral courage to discuss her high standards and religion to millions of fans. I also applaud her talent and abilities, but that is as far as I go with Brooke. I don’t know her or what her background is. She is a beautiful person and that is all I can tell about her. True it wasn’t her best performance, but hopefully she will continue to impress the majority as she has me.

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