The Real Mitt Romney

I also bumped this post from 1/29 for my instapundit readers. Thanks Glenn again for a very fun unexpected surprise.

You MUST read this blog entry entitled “The Real Mitt Romney” by Candace Selima in California. It shows Mitt Romney giving selfless service to a family that had a burned down tree from a California fire. Wow, this article completely change my way of thinking. I am convinced that Mitt makes a wonderful presidential candidate and that he will be a remarkable President. Mitt may be the only candidate who is actually capable of leaving a legacy that hasn’t been given to government since the 80’s. Mitt may be the only presidential candidate willing to give anonymous service, (by wielding a shovel of all things) just because he is a Christian. Don’t we need someone like this for president?

Reading this story just gave me the last nip in the you know what to jump on Mitt’s band wagon. I think I am even going to ask to be a part of his campaign?

I watched the State of the Union address last night, and really enjoyed Mitt’s comments during the aftershow. I have been getting more informed about the Presidential election lately. Every day I love Mitt more and more. I am convinced that he is the new Reagan to cure our very sick economy. I also know because of Mitt’s life accomplishments (in government and out) that he will be able to handle pretty much whatever comes his way with success.

And, the last reason he has my vote:

I hope I won’t offend Ann Romney or my husband , but LOOK at this man…he will be the best looking president since JFK. I mean really, he gives JFK a run for his money, and the man unlike JFK is a faithful husband, father, and grandfather.

Holy cow. Do we have a winner or what?

I was listening to Rush earlier today and there was a byte from a Florida poll voter.

To summarize what he said, “I am NOT a Mormon, but what a lot of people do not know about Mormons is that they take care of people. Mitt has my vote because he is a Mormon. I know he will care about the people and that his religion teaches him to honor all religions.”

You can vote for whoever you would like, but whatever you do, go and read this story. It will inspire you, I promise.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am going to stay up all night tonight to hear the results from the Florida.


  1. If you’re interested…my dad has spent a great deal of his retirement on politics lately. He’s one of the local delegates for Romney (vote for him!). He’s been spending a lot of hours on the phone the past couple of weeks calling people in the states about to vote. I’m pretty sure he said you can do it as long or short a time as you’d like. Let me know if you want more details, Little-Miss-Political-Enthusiast.

  2. I researched the candidates throughly when the campaign season began. From the beginning there was no question Mitt Romney is the man to straighten out our economy, our government and still handle, without fear, the war on terror and foreign affairs. I’m stunned at how many people cannot see John McCain for the loose cannon that he is. We’ll be at war with every nation in the world if he is president. His hair trigger temper will assure that.

  3. Alice……Congratulations on your newfound fame and fortune. Instapundit is HUGE!!!!!While I don’t concur with your political analysis, aka:…Vote for the most gorgeous goyim guy with the picture perfect family…(this would doom Abraham Lincoln*, by the way)…..I would defend to the death** your right to both hold and publish said views.Since I’m not sure exactly how to identify myself below in the blog doo-hickey, I’ll identify myself here as none other than…Richard Anderson*it would also doom Adolf Hitler, so maybe you’re OK on that score**maybe not to the death…perhaps defend to the paper cut, or something a little less extreme

  4. i knew the truth about why like Mitt would come out eventually…you’re in love with him! we all have to have our celebrity crushes…just kidding. it has taken a long time to convince me to vote for the guy but i did. now i’m glad i did. his wife is what won me over. she is a good woman and it always takes a good woman to back a good man.

  5. So who was the yahoo that was taking the picture of Mitt and Ann when obviously a prayer is being offered????Musta been one of those liberal godless reporters!

  6. So, where do you stand w/ Mitt now? If looks are your analysis, what’s left?I am curious how I ended up in your “bi” weekly bloggers. I try to post more than that, but I guess you called my bluff.๐Ÿ™‚

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