Google It

Because of Megan’s recent entry, I was inspired to to get reacquainted with my Stat Counter.

Here are the google searches that have recently brought people to my blog.

So funny. I’m almost google famous!

I was so excited at my last post about google because I came up #3 when you search imsofunny.

Here are some other searches that bring me up.

#3 interesting conversation pieces

#6 google is my friend

#5 need attention

#9 Baskin Robbins vs. other ice-creams

#3 lds linger longer

#3 Whale Baby Quilts (what the heck?)

And the best news of the day. When you search Alice Gold. I finally come up #4! It’s my good reads account and not my blog, but hey, I ‘ll take what I can get. Now, at least all of my X boyfriends can find out what I like to read.

Yes, I am on my way!!!



  1. I decided to google myself after reading this post. I have a way too common name so I did the full “Kathy Schultz Johnson” to try to narrow it down. The top one was my profile on LinkedIn then my 3rd and 5th links were comments from me on your blog! You really are famous and I’m so proud to have been your roommate! My blog didn’t even show up…oh well.

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