Engligh Ed and Et #1

I have a new blogging friend that lives in The United Kingdom. I love to read Saxon’s blog because I can imagine his sexy English accent in his writing. (hence the single englishman link on your left)

Reading Saxon, (I’m unsure if that is his real name, but he better clarify before he gets famous, like me) has opened my eyes to a whole new world: that of The United Kingdom. I have just tried to read what the difference is exactly between Great Britain, England, and The United Kingdom, but am still totally confused. I gave up. (I’m sorry Englishman or UKmen or Brits if my ignorance offends you) You can call me a stupid American, but read here, and see if you feel my frustration. Does it take a whole year of High School for your people to understand exactly where you live? Saxon, do you think that you could post something in conjunction with this inauguration to educate us Americans…or maybe even just this American.? I know Saxon will be on board here, he is so COOL!

Saxon has inspired my first themed “English Education and Etiquette” posts. (You know I have to love the guy to make a commitment to reoccurring blog entries – I have a commitment phobia)

I never knew how many funny words they use over there. I mean, I guess I have never realized how much of the English language Americans have really lost. I have had such a fun time learning about these new old words. I plan to post whenever I learn a new one. How can I go wrong promoting the continued good relations between the Englishman and the American?

I personally love many English things. Two of my favorite off the top of my head: English accents and JK Rowling with all things Harry Potter. President Hinckley served his mission in England and so it makes it even more appropriate that I start this new imsofunny tradition today.

I think it is quite appropriate to start my English Ed & Et with a picture of Beckham and Posh. They are quite possibly the most fascinating English people since Princess Di and the Beatles.

The latest word I just learned was Posh. This is where the infamous Posh got her name. Who knew that posh was an adjective? According to Saxon, Posh means smart or special. I guess it could be used as a word to say “nice” or “expensive things” (at least that is what I gleaned from watching an interview of Posh just now online. Posh sure does know how to find expensive and nice things….Raise your hand, if you would love to be married to Beckham?

So, after reading the above dictionary.com definition, I realized that I have heard of a “posh apartment” but I mean, isn’t that the only context that Americans use this word?
So, here are some other English words that Saxon has taught me so far: (Stay tuned for more)

1. boot (that’s a trunk of a car or a boot that your wear on your
2. trainers (tennis shoes)
3. lie in (sleeping in)



  1. England is the largest country in the United Kingdom. Great Britain is the largest island of the British isles and consists of England, Scotland and Wales.The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Nortern Ireland.I hope that makes it a little clearer for you

  2. I learned “posh” from Fancy Nancy books. It’s a fancy word for fancy, she says. 🙂 Cute books for girls – check them out.I did a study abroad in london long ago. so here’s my random addition to your british blog of the day. did you know that they don’t have cinnamon gummy candies there? and the best yogurt with crumbly stuff? and that the kit kat chunk was there first before it came here? I think I sampled every candy bar over there! 🙂 so much tastier than ours.

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